A Pakistani Pilot Denied Duty In Mid-Way, Here’s The Whole Story

How many of you like to work even after your working hours? We are pretty sure most people might not like it. But no matter how much you hate doing overtime, saying ‘NO’ to working overtime is not possible in a few situations especially if you are a pilot or doctor.

But this rule wasn’t followed by a Pakistani Pilot.

Yes, you got it right; This man gave priority to his working hours rather than the work. He refused to fly the plane in a mid-way and take it to the destination i.e. Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Here Is The Whole Incident

The incident happened on Sunday, when the flight PK- 9754, took off from Riyadh at its scheduled time but due to bad weather, the pilot has to make an emergency landing in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

After the weather was under control, the pilot of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), denied flying the plane further as his shift was over.

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Passenger’s And Authorities Reactions

The passengers of the flight were pissed off by the pilot’s behavior. Later the airport authorities called security and settled passengers.

The spoke person of PIA told, “It is necessary for the pilots to take proper rest prior to flying for flight safety so arrangements were made in this regard."

However, the flight took off from the land of Saudi Arabia and landed in Islamabad, Pakistan.