After Wife Melinda, Bills Gates To Separate From Microsoft As Well?

In 2019, the Microsoft board started an investigation into the romantic relationship between Bill Gates and a female employee. According to the reports of Wall Street Journal, the board hired a law firm to execute the investigation. In March 2020 Gates resigned from the Microsoft Board saying that it was a focus on philanthropic priorities.

According to the spokeswoman for Bill Gates, the affair happened 20 years ago and it ended amicably. She also added that Gates left the board to focus more on his philanthropic organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates and Melinda started their charity 20 years ago to battle global poverty and disease. The couple announced their separation on May 3 after 27 years of marriage.

According to reports, the company was warned during the second half of 2019 that Bill Gates started an intimate relationship with an employee in 2000. The Board formed a committee to look into the matter. Also, an outside law firm was hired to conduct a thorough investigation.

The WSJ reported that the female employee was an engineer and she admitted having a sexual relationship with Bill Gates in the past.

The Journal also mentioned that some board members also enquired about the links between Gates and dishonored financier Jeffrey Epstein. Reportedly, Jeffrey killed himself in Jail in 2019 awaiting trial for apparently trafficking minors.

Though the team of Bill Gates assured the board that the billionaire met Jeffrey for philanthropic reasons. He regrets doing so, the Journal added.

Bill Gates established Microsoft in 1975. Although he resigned as the company’s CEO in the year 2000 because he wanted to focus on his foundation. He also stepped down from his full-time role in the company in 2008.

He officially held the last position in the company as a board director but he left the same in March 2020.