Mother Deer Sacrifice Herself While Rescuing Her Baby From Crocodile Attack, Watch Full Video Here

A mother is the only human being who fights all the odds against her children. She does not fear sacrificing her life for that. This video down here effectively described the power beauty and heroism of a mother’s love. It is a video of a mother deer who sacrificed herself in order to protect her baby from a crocodile attack. 

Mother Deer Sacrificed Herself to Protect Her Baby

IAS officer Sonal Goel has shared this video on her Twitter handle. In this video, baby deer try to cross a river, where a crocodile is coming for him. All of a sudden his mother jumps in front of the crocodile in order to rescue him. She sacrificed her life to protect her baby. 

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This is a very heartbreaking moment that describes the mother’s unconditional love for her child. Sonal also writes some words for this post. She wrote “No words can describe the power, beauty and heroism of mother's love. Heartbreaking video of a mother deer sacrificing herself to save her baby. It reminds us to never ignore your parents and family. Respect them and take care of them when it's your turn”

Check out the video down here. 

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