'Nayak' Movie Turned Real, Uttarakhand's 19-Yr-Old Shrishti Goswami Becomes First 'One Day CM'

We have watching the famous Bollywood movie 'Nayak' where Anil Kapoor becomes one day Chief Minister. It shooked us that how an ordinary man becomes the CM and faces all challenges. Then we didn't know that the reel story can be 'real' one day. Something similar happened in Uttarakhand when 19-year old Shrishti Goswami of Haridwar became the first one day CM of Uttarakhand. 

It might sound so dreamy and unreal but this story is a rare instance. The Youth when given a chance can take up challenges and prove how efficient they are. 

Who Is Shrishti Goswami in Real?

She has been flashing in the news headlines as the one day CM but let's know who is she. Shrishti Goswami hails from Daulatpur village and is a student of B.Sc in agriculture at B.S.M. PG College Roorkee. Shrishti was chosen for the honour on the 'National Child Day' after she got elected as the Chief Minister at a mock 'Bal Vidhan Sabha'. The symbolic event was organised by the State Commission in 2018.

For the first time in the history of Uttarakhand a girl became the first Chief Minister of India for a symbolic day.

The incumbent Chief Minister of Uttarakhand gave a nod on Shrishti's tenure for one day CM. Expressing her gratitude and opportunity given, she said:

“I wholeheartedly thank CM Trivendra Singh Rawat for allowing me to become CM of Uttarakhand for one day. On January 24, the National Girl Child Day, officials from various departments will make five-minute-long presentations before me. I will give them suggestions, particularly on the issues related to girl-child safety,”

How Proud The Parents Are?

The exemplary chance given to Shrishti makes them proud. The message that girls are no less than boys is very loud and clear. Shrishti's father, Pravin Goswami and mother Sudha said:

"We are extremely proud of our daughter’s achievement. It will send a message to all the parents to never hold back their daughters and support them fully to pursue their dreams,"

Girls are proving to be headstrong and opinionated and this story proves it.