Unhappy BJP Supporters Tweet Hilariously After PM Modi Withdraws 3 Farm Laws

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially announced that the Central will revoke the 3 controversial farm laws. After an year of agitation, this announcement brings big relief to the farmers and the parties roaring up in opposition to the laws. On the other hand, BJP supports are tweeting hilariously after the three farm laws get rolled back.

This is what PM Modi said to the nation,

“I apologize to India and with a true and pure heart that may be… we were not able to convince farmers [over the farm laws]. I’m here to declare that we have decided to repeal the three farm laws…We will complete all the formalities during the Parliament session that begins this month”

Here are some reactions on social media,

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The parties have loomed all corners in the West over this announcement. In addition to this, people are thanking Rahul Gandhi who supported and stood for over 365 days.

All this seems to be a bone of contention between the government and farmers. What did you think?

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