OneWeb Back On Its Mission To Spur Global Internet Connectivity

OneWeb Back On Its Mission To Spur Global Internet Connectivity

Moving forward with its vision to connect every edge of the world through high-speed internet, OneWeb is back into the arena. The popular global communications company was declared bankrupt in March 2020 for not being able to raise the required capital. They have been rendering broadband satellite services across the globe, and developing countries all over the world are going to be highly benefited by the recent efforts and missions of OneWeb. If you don’t know about OneWeb, make sure to read further, you will be amazed. 

What Is OneWeb? 

OneWeb offers broadband satellite services across geographical demographics globally. It was founded in the year 2012 by Greg Wyler. The company’s headquarters are situated in London, UK, and McLean, Virginia, USA. It also has a satellite manufacturing facility in Florida, which has been set up as a joint venture with Airbus Defence and Space. Some of the major investments in the firm had been made by the U.K. National Government and Bharti Global. 

OneWeb satellites continue to acquire new and better prospects in space. It started off with the initial production of 900 satellites to be launched globally for improved internet connectivity. It was a step taken under their vision of providing affordable and high-speed internet in every corner of the world. 

What’s Special With OneWeb’s Vision? 

Imagine you are somewhere on the farthest edge of the world and want to make a video call or connect with your friends and family. While you know the actual condition of internet connectivity, it may seem difficult or near to impossible. OneWeb is striving to establish high-speed internet connectivity in most rural areas across the globe. With the motive of delivering 5G high speed, high throughput internet services that can connect anywhere in the world, its ascending towards settling the world’s largest global communications network in the space. 

It is well known that the world wide web is still not accessible across many parts of the world. This initiative by OneWeb is likely to change billions of lives. The recent goals of the company are to launch the first large-scale production of their satellites on the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) at an altitude of 1,200 kilometers, following the appropriate values of sustainability. With this progressive vision, OneWeb has become the first one in the world to move to the field of Lower Earth Orbit with satellites and telecommunication. 

The Great Global Evolution 

High-speed internet access across different corners of the world is likely to transform the entire scenario of the information exchange globally. Also, it would open up new and better opportunities on the commercial front, offering a 5G-ready network to the world.  

  • The world that now seems divided by distance and lack of internet connectivity will move above all obstacles and transform into a better place. 
  • It will initiate the use of technology best practices that offer the best use and responsible management of space. It will be one of the greatest revolutions for generations to come. 

OneWeb has presented one of the most futuristic technological development plans that we all should be hopeful and excited about. 

This video by one web will offer you a clearer view of what is about to happen.  

OneWeb’s Comeback After Bankruptcy 

OneWeb announced its emergence from bankruptcy (under U.S. Chapter 11 and other regulations) on November 20, 2020. A consortium of Bharti global and the U.K. government has invested $1bn of new capital for providing broadband connectivity services through a constellation of 650 LEO satellites. 

With this investment, OneWeb will still be headquartered in the United Kingdom and bringing up new R&D Programmes according to the appropriation of the usage rights. The company claims to be focused on introducing new evolutions, innovations and conduct research and development considering the overall development of the U.K. 

The chairman of Bharti Enterprises, Sunil Mittal, expressed his utmost positive views on this investment. According to him, while COVID-led situations have distorted network quality at many places, LEO satellites will be able to reach up to areas where radio waves and fiber cannot penetrate. Certainly, this change would be taking place in various other developing countries, and it’s great that we have a little part in it. 

Affordable and high-speed internet connectivity in different parts of the world is surely going to bring in a great change, and we are so positively waiting for it. 

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