Pandemic Taught Us New Way Of Utilizing Internet: Mayur Rajput On Being An Influencer

Pandemic Taught Us New Way Of Utilizing Internet: Mayur Rajput On Being An Influencer

The modern world and technology opened an arena of offbeat careers for the youngsters. Social media is not just a medium of connecting with people but it’s also a source of income for a lot of people. Many individuals around us use social media to run a successful business.

Then there are people who have chosen content creation as their full-time job. All was going great until we were struck by the pandemic. Influencers and COVID-19 gave birth to new trends, content, social commerce and purpose-driven commerce.

The Bow-Ho Guy

Mayur Saroj Rajput is a fashion stylist and content creator on Instagram. He has worked with renowned brands like Calvin Klein, Samsung among others. In a candid interview with Agnito Today, he talks about the struggles of social media influencers in the pandemic, creating unique content for the audience and being trolled online.

Mayur was part of Myntra Fashion Superstar in 2019 and he is one of the official in-house fashion influencers of Prime Myntra. This artist has many feathers in his hat. He is also a designer and stylist. His bow-ties designs were displayed at New York Fashion Week in 2018.

Being a male fashion influencer has its own pros and cons in India. Mayur Saroj Rajput definitely stands out in a crowd where the space is majorly dominated by women.

His Instagram account is filled with quirky styles. He knows the power of accessories, prints, silhouettes and uses it to enhance his looks. Undoubtedly, as much as he is loved by his followers, he gets a lot of hate comments as well. 

Pandemic Pushed Social Media Influencers To Evolve

With everyone locked inside their homes due to lockdown, home workouts and home-cooked meals were the trending topics in 2020 and 2021 as well. The virus taught everybody that health and fitness should be prioritized.

Mayur also shared his workout videos and fitness regime on his social media page to guide his audience about staying fit at home. His page is mainly about fashion but you do get to see glimpses of his life through it. In the age of COVID-19, influencer marketing also took distinctive shape.

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New Ways Of Survival During Pandemic By Influencers

Mayur isn’t working as a full-time content creator as of now. But he talks about the pressure on social media influencers for developing relevant topics and getting brands to work with. Influencer marketing went through massive change in the age of COVID.

He says, “It’s a big responsibility that you keep getting to work with brands and you create relevant content. Social Media platforms that function according to an algorithm, it’s important to modify your business plan regularly so that your work doesn’t get affected.”

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The fashion artist uses his Instagram account to advocate for mental health. After recovering from COVID-19, he went live on his social media account and shared his experience with his audience to inspire them and connect with them simultaneously.

The Future After Coronavirus

Having been trolled on the internet for creating content when the world battles a deadly disease, Mayur has a plausible answer to all his haters. He says, “If you are opening your laptop at 9’0 clock and working till evening 5’0 clock, you’re doing your job. Similarly, if I am creating content and sharing it on social media, it’s my job that I am doing. If you do not like it you can unfollow me.”

In the future, Mayur would like to explore the world of print media and the entertainment industry. Since he is loving his career, for now, he might also consider being a full-time content creator.

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