Petrol Bike Vs Electric Bike: Which One to Buy?

Petrol Bike Vs Electric Bike: Which One to Buy?

In recent years, the technology of two-wheelers has come up a long way. Today, the market is flooded with several options including electric variants. Without any doubt, petrol variants have dominated the market at present but the electric vehicle could be the future. If you are looking to buy a scooter, then it’s important to go through this guide. It will let you decide whether you should opt for a petrol or electric bike.

Petrol Bike Vs Electric Bike

Petrol Bike

Petrol bike runs solely on petrol. For this to happen, the bike should have an ICE engine that can generate energy from the combustion of petrol. Petrol bike comes with a CO2 outlet that emits harmful pollutants in the environment.

Pricing: Indian audience is extremely conscious about pricing. The cost of petrol variant gets influenced by various factors like crude oil cost, central excise duty, VAT, a tax imposed by the government, fuel demand, etc.

Fuel cost: The average petrol bike gives 50-60 kilometers per liter. However, you will find fuel-efficient options that deliver 100 kilometers per liter.

Operational range: The operational range of petrol-based vehicles is limitless as they are available all across the country.

Convenience: Petrol variants are very convenient and can be easily taken to a fuel station for refilling.

Maintenance: Petrol scooters demand maintenance from time to time. The mechanical parts can be worn-out at any time.

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Electric Bike

Yes, you guessed it correctly electric bike runs on electricity. The bike will have a battery inside that gets charged on a timely basis. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t produce and emit harmful gases. This makes it the safest mode of transportation.

Pricing: Electric bike is more expensive than petrol bike. The lithium-ion battery is costlier.

Fuel cost: Electric scooter gives same mileage as that of petrol scooter however at 15% cost for 1 liter of fuel. Eventually, it is more economical.

Operational range: Electric bike is good for daily use. Since the charging stations are limited, you have to travel long-distance for charging. You can opt for a home charging e-vehicle.

Convenience: It takes only a few hours to fully charge the electric bike. Since it comes with a removable battery, it is convenient.

Maintenance: EVs need less maintenance. You can upkeep it by charging the battery regularly. Also, check for under-inflated tires and see whether they need replacement.


Based on these factors, you can choose a vehicle of your choice. However, it’s always best to go with an electric scooter as it will be the future. 

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