Police Dept needs to prepare on a big scale to combat cybercrime: SP Sagar Atul Singh

Police Dept needs to prepare on a big scale to combat cybercrime: SP Sagar Atul Singh

The way Indian Army safeguards the country on border, in the same manner, police keeps civilians safe in the country. Police Department functions all day, every day for the safety of the common man. Agnito Today talked to Madhya Pradesh’s senior IPS office and SP Sagar Atul Singh to know more about the Police’s modus operandi. 

Atul Singh answered a lot of pivotal questions related to the methodology of police, new technology to combat crimes, positive behaviour of police with common people, etc. During the interview, he also shared his sentiment about policemen not getting applaud for their good work. 

On contrary, whenever there is a big crime or any incident that takes place while maintaining law and order, then common men and media create huge pressure. Atul Singh said, “Before creating pressure, both sides should be evaluated. I believe that the way policemen serve the common men, no other department does.”

1.FIR Will be registered online

The police department has made big changes in recent times so that people do not face any challenges while registering FIR reports. Each police station will have a visitor’s room so that reporting an FIR becomes easier for common people. Simultaneously, people can register an FIR online if there is a theft or a vehicle is stolen. After Supreme Court’s instruction, stations will also have CCTV cameras to maintain transparency in work. 

2. People’s negative outlook about police is department's biggest challenge

Society’s opinion about police is a big challenge for us. A lot of cases come in our way in which police cannot involve directly. We face these issues in matters related to forests or land disputes in village areas. What is the previous record in land dispute? Is there any permission? Police neither can give any decision in this matter nor can put a stay on it. 

However, if there is any feud in such a matter, then the police have to intervene in it. Police also need to intervene in domestic disputes. Many times these cases go on for a long time. But, the opinion of people about police puts us in a fix. 

3. Efforts are being made for gender equality

Police have made few big changes in recent times for gender equality. Now, every station has one women's desk where any female can report her problem without any worries. All the work on this desk is taken care of by a female police officer. Also, constitutionally, women are getting equal rights in every rank.

If a woman complains to the department, a departmental committee initiates the inquiry. Women police officers are performing every task that a male officer can do. In some matters, the right to report FIR and inquiry also lies only with female officers. 

4. The health of police officers should be prioritized

Recently, a lot of departments have begun programmes like a morning Yoga class or weekly vacations keeping the physical and mental health of police officers. However, I believe the amount of stress this department has, we should put more effort. Especially if there is an accusation on a police officer or if his/her behaviour is abnormal, then it is important to give them counseling. I believe we have a long way to go in this matter. 

5. Equal facilities for urban and rural police

After the year 2000, a lot of work is done towards the modernisation of the police department. Presently you will see that urban and rural police departments are working at a similar pace. Rural areas have new police departments and vehicles. Every police station in Madhya Pradesh has a Bolero. Dial 100 vehicle- Tata safari is also available at the police station which is equipped with modern facilities like GPS and navigation.

6. MP police are more transparent than any other state’s police

If you look at the number of complaints and FIRs then the figures of Madhya Pradesh might be higher than other states, however, if you compare the figure of serious crime then you will see that situation of Madhya Pradesh is much better. We have also observed that when people from other states or inspection teams visit us, they say that Madhya Pradesh police are more transparent. 

Complaints are heard here. The matter is not suppressed, that doesn’t happen in MP. This is the reason why the number of FIRs is higher here than in other states. 

7. To combat cyber crimes is the biggest challenge

In today’s time, the method of committing a crime is also changing. Presently, the most common problem people face is cyber crimes. It’s a big challenge for police officers to stop cybercrime. Cybercrimes are taking place on a big level now. I feel the department has to take big measures to take control of such crimes. 

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