Shameless ! Rajasthan Doctor Tied Dog, Dragged Him 5 KMs in Car, Watch Video Here

Shameless ! Rajasthan Doctor Tied Dog, Dragged Him 5 KMs in Car, Watch Video Here
Rajasthan Doctor Tied Dog, Dragged Him 5 KMs in Car

Dog are the most loved pets in the world. They are called the best friends of humans but when they turn into enemies, humanity gets hurt. A doctor from Rajasthan has crossed all the limits when he tied a street dog to his car and dragged him for 5 kms.

A video of the incident is doing rounds on the internet where you can witness this cruelty towards that voiceless animal.

What's The Full Matter

rajasthan doctor dog case

According to the media, the man who was driving the car is Dr. Rajneesh Galwa. He is a plastic surgeon and works at the government hospital of Jodhpur. 

He was very much frustrated with that dog and said, " the dog often enters the house and has bitten my daughter."

That is why he was taking the dog to Nagar Nigam but he did not bring the dog inside the vehicle out of fear as the dog might bite him too. 

Passerbys who saw the man dragging a dog tried to stop the car but the doctor kept driving. He stopped the car when people encircled his car from the front. 

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Mr. Galwa started arguing with the public after that and called the police when a man contacted Dog Home Foundation. They brought the ambulance to take the injured dog with them however police did not release them. 

Dog Got Serious Injury After the Incident 

After being dragged for a long time, the dog got seriously injured. One of his legs is fractured and his skin is also bruised badly. Dog home foundation called an ambulance to treat him immediately. 

Case Filed Against Dr. Rajneesh Galwa

Police reached the spot but did not arrest Rajneesh Galwa. Later, a case has been filed by the Dog Foundation for animal cruelty under IPC Section 428, 429, and PCA section 11.

Though the police have taken the action, the public is still angry. A lot of users have started protesting against Dr. Rajneesh Galwa and said he doesn't deserve to be a doctor. 

A few users even demanded to revoke his driving and professional license. 

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