Ranveer Singh and 10 More B-Town Celebs Booked for Nude Photoshoot and Obscenity

Ranveer Singh and 10 More B-Town Celebs Booked for Nude Photoshoot and Obscenity
Ranveer Singh and 10 More B-Town Celebs Booked for Nude Photoshoot and Obscenity

The latest nude photoshoot of actor Ranveer Singh can land him in jail as a Mumbai-based NGO has filed a complaint against him for hurting women’s sentiments.

Now, Ranveer is booked as per obscene laws in India that put his actions under IPC Section 292, 293, and 509.

Advocate Abhishek Chaubey and Vedika Chaubey see nude photoshoots of Ranveer Singh from the lens of law but there are many supporting his actions.

B-Town Reacts: Girls Can Do It, Why Can’t Boys? Ye Doglapan Kyu? 

ranveer singh nude photoshoot

B-Town splits over nude photoshoot of Ranveer Singh. His friends and wife Deepika Padukone do not think going bare all for a magazine is a crime. They see it through the lens of gender equality.

Actor and model Milind Soman giving his opinion about the photo shoot said, “There are as many opinions as people in the world. Who would you listen to?”

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ranveer singh nude photo

Ram Gopal Verma believes it’s about gender equality. “If women can flaunt their sexy bodies then why can’t any men,” said the film producer.

Director and producer Vivek Agnihotri called FIR against Ranveer the result of conservative thinking.

He said “when there are so many nude pictures of women, does it hurt the sentiments of men? This is such a stupid argument.

'It's a Double Standard' Says Actress Sherlyn Chopra

sherlyn chopra deepika padukone

“When I did a bold shoot for an international magazine, the society called me characterless. Why the double standard? Ye doglapan kyu?”

Let us tell you Ranveer Singh is not the only Bollywood actor who went naked for a magazine.

In the past, several celebrities faced criticism and charges for the same.

Celebs Booked For Nude Photoshoots Like Ranveer Singh

1. Akshay Kumar’s unbuttoning his jeans stunt at Lakme Fashion Week landed him under IPC Sec 294

akshay kumar jeans controversy

2. The Famous Richard Gere Kissing Shilpa Shetty Kundra case of 2007 is still a talk of the town. The actress has moved to the court regarding the allegations

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3. Aamir Khan’s film PK was controversial for bare all poster

PK movie amir khan

4. Milind Soman landed into legal trouble for running nude on Goa’s beach in 2020

milind soman nude photo

5. In 2011, Vidya Balan also faced FIR for her movie ‘The Dirty Picture.’

the dirty picture

6. Madhu Sapre and Milind Soman posed nude for a sports shoe commercial and got booked in 1995.

madhu sapre and milind soman

7. A complaint alleging Mallika Sherawat’s performance at New Year Party was filed for being obscene

mallika sherawat photo

8. Poonam Pandey’s obscene video invited an FIR under IPC Section 294

poonam pandey

9. Sherlyn Chopra was charged for working in adult content as per IT Act, 2000.

sherlyn chopra photo

10. A social activist filed a complaint against Pooja Bhatt and the filmmakers of Rog movie for obscene scenes

pooja bhatt

These celebrities have drawn huge media attention in the past and now the recent photoshoot of Ranveer Singh has joined the league too.

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Punishment As Per Obscene Law in India

obscene law in india

Obscene is defined as any action or word which is offensive or disgusting in nature and hurts morality or decency.

But this word has a slightly different meaning in law.

According to obscene law in India, anything that is corrupt, lascivious, prurient, and depraved is obscene.

These terms still don’t have a clear definition in the law but can be understood as actions or words revealing sexual desire or interest.

It can bring their actions punishable under IPC section 292-294.

According to these, a person convicted for obscenity in India can get imprisonment of 3 years and a fine of Rs 2000.

On a second conviction, the punishment extends to 7 years of jail and a Rs 5000 fine.

Another IPC Section 509 under which Ranveer is booked says any gesture, word, or action insulting a woman’s modesty brings imprisonment or 1 year along with a fine.


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