Rasgulla Chaat: A Dish That Is Making The Internet Cringe

Rasgulla Chaat: A Dish That Is Making The Internet Cringe

Recently, in the food world, fusion is a new trend. Globalisation has brought many a cuisine together like Indian-Chinese, continental food and more. Food bloggers all over the internet have discovered places with many forms of pizzas, dosa, Maggi, biryani and what not. However, any foodie who loves food can get mildly curious about bizarre combinations as well.

A video has recently gone viral on social media where a man is seen making this an absolute out of the box dish named ‘Rasgulla chaat’. Yes, you heard that right.

Rasgulla, also known as Rosogolla, is a famous dessert, originated in West Bengal and Odisha. It is a sweet syrupy dish, similar to Gulab Jamun. On the flipside, chaat is a savoury dish that is an amalgamation of spices, potatoes, chutneys, and whatnot. The man in the video decided to combine the Rasgulla and the chaat to make the dish ‘Rasgulla Chaat’ and the whole internet cringed.

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The preparation of Rasgulla chaat required the syrup to be squeezed out of two Rasgullas and placed in a bowl. Seasoning or masalas are then added to it. A dollop of yoghurt is then smeared on the chaat following by tamarind chutney. For garnishing it was finished by adding almonds, cashews and raisins. Before serving another seasoning was sprinkled on it.

The video of a man preparing this dish was posted on Twitter by user Kaptan Hindustan. “We are doomed. Rasgulla chaat,” read the caption.

Watch the making here:

The video went viral with almost 107k views and got the internet talking about it. Netizens cringed and shared memes with respect to the video.

Let’s see the reactions here:

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