Redefining Indian Ceremonies With Pandemic Wedding

Redefining Indian Ceremonies With Pandemic Wedding

Pandemic truly changes the world for the weddings. Especially for the rapidly popularized phenomenon of Big Fat Indian Wedding, coronavirus was a true blow. More and more people were spending millions to make sure that the wedding was the buzz of the town for weeks. Even the middle-class families were not shying away from throwing expensive parties in order to satisfy the society’s ego along with their own.

Most of such weddings were handled by Wedding planners, who, as the name suggests, took care of every moment of the wedding week. Yes, the celebration lasted for at least a week with numerous customs and traditions, until the arrival of pandemic. Coronavirus changed the world of weddings and how

Wedding planner

Usually, any large-scale wedding requires a wedding planner. There are so many things to be taken care of from the menu, decoration, outfit and makeup of the bride, guest lists and much more. On the other hand, Pandemic weddings are much more compact with a lesser number of guests hence there is no need for a wedding planner.

Multiple functions

Previously, even the most basic weddings will have anywhere 3-8 functions. Modern weddings have incorporated western functions such as cocktails. But an intimate pandemic wedding doesn’t allow for a long wedding weekend or a lot of traditions. Usually, people need to take permission for a wedding during the pandemic, which is time-restricted. So weddings during COVID-19 have only a few important functions.


In an Indian wedding, the guest numbers range from 500 to 5000, on average. The pandemic wedding has brought a great reduction in these numbers. Most states allowed only 20-30 guests when the disease was in control. Lesser number of guests results in saving a lot of money. You do not need a larger-than-life venue, there is less food wastage and you don’t need to manage a plethora of people.


Different researches show that approximately 40 percent of the food prepared at a wedding venue is wasted and thrown away after the celebration end. The estimated 10 million weddings a year contribute to the immense amount of food wastage. Fewer guests and small weddings mean food can be made only in the required quantity so there is a lesser amount of wastage. Due to several restrictions due to the Coronavirus, the menu of the wedding has also been reduced.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings were a great hit among upper-class and upper-middle-class families. Even people who couldn’t afford an expensive wedding booked the nicest marriage hall in their budget. On contrary, pandemic weddings are taking place either in the house itself or at the nearest small venue. No more expenditure on fancy destinations, this is one of the benefits of a small wedding.

Pre-wedding/ Wedding Photography

One of the key lessons that we learned from COVID-19 weddings was that the scale and magnitude of the wedding don’t decide the blissful matrimony. Flying abroad or even to exotic locations across the country for pre-wedding photography was a norm during pre-covid times. The wedding didn’t end up till morning because rituals were repeated several times for the perfect shots. Due to restrictions on the number of people, a wedding is more about celebrating the matrimony and less about photography.

Day wedding/ zoom wedding

A lot of people chose a day wedding or even a wedding on zoom due to COVID. Day wedding means less display of affluence and more enjoyable gathering. Similarly, many engaged couples have been living in a different part of the country or world and they cannot meet due to COVID restrictions. So a zoom wedding is performed in such a scenario. Later they can throw a party whenever they feel like if they want to. This is why small weddings are better than big ones.

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Pandemic weddings have taught us several lessons. Not giving into societal pressure of arranging a Big Fat Indian Wedding while drowning yourself in loans is just one of them. There might be a lot of pros and cons of even a small wedding, but it is still better than risking yourself and your loved ones to a deadly virus.


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