Remembering Dialogues From Sushant Singh Rajput On His Death Anniversary

Remembering Dialogues From Sushant Singh Rajput On His Death Anniversary

Sushant Singh Rajput was a wonderful actor and a kind-hearted person. He was ambitious, curious and a keen learner, a humble gentleman. On 14th June 2020, his death shocked everyone. He is not with us, but his talent and words will always remain with us in our hearts.

On the death anniversary of Sushant Singh Rajput, let us have a look at some of the memorable dialogues of the self-made actor.

Jis Mehfil Ne Thukraya Humko, Kyun Us Mehfil Ko Yaad Kare, Aage Lamhe Bula Rahe Hain, Aao Unke Sath Chale - PK

We often feel dejected in a room full of people when we don't like certain people or conversations. We see people laughing at us, exchanging conversations, and labeling us weird.

During such times, all we do is curse ourselves and sit in a corner feeling inferior. But these lines by Sarfaraz make us realize that it's not necessary to please everyone.

Tumhara Result Decide Nahi Karta Ki Tum Loser Ho Ki Nahi, Tumhari Koshish Decide Karti Hai - Chhichhore

All our life, our capabilities and success are measured by the results and not by our talent, skills, knowledge and hard work.

These words by Anni question our narrow perspective and unveils the real meaning of failure. At the end of the day, it's efforts that matter the most and one is not a failure until he keeps trying.

Thus we should never give up on ourselves and be proud of what we are today. 

Zindagi Mein Agar Kuch Sabse Zyada Important Hai Toh Vo Khud Zindagi Hai – Chhichore

The tragedy of human existence is that we do everything for living well, but still do not learn to live life completely.

Anni asks us to always remember the value of truly living every moment that we have.

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Life me sab ball ek samaan thode na milega, merit par khelna hai aur tike rehna hai, scoreboard apne aap badhega - MS Dhoni 

Life’s curveballs cannot be dealt bravely by everyone. But here Dhoni reminds us that each phase of life will be differently challenging.

If you want to score well, just keep hanging in there.

Ek captain tabhi achha captain ho sakta hai jab uski team achhi hogi - MS DHONI

Many times we target the team leader for the performance of his team. But we often forget that the credit of an outstanding captain also goes to his well-performing team.

The relationship between a leader and its follower is always correlated.

Ye Kaam bhi kitni chaalu chiz hoti hai na, jab kaam ko time chahiye hota hai toh family adjust karti hai na, toh family ke liye kaam kyu nahi adjust kar sakta - Chhichore 

How many times in life you have thought if you are ever going to get a break from the monotony of life?

Every time, the family compromises when you are busy studying, making a career or earning money. But when you realize that family should be given time, it’s too late.

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Janam kab Lena hai aur marna kab hai, hum decide nahi kar sakte hain, Par jeena kaise hai wo hum decide kar sakte hain - Dil Bechara

Manny teaches you to take control of your life. That’s the key to happiness.

If you decide to be happy without any external stimulator, no one would be able to control your happiness ever.


Mann karta hai itna tight hug doon, ki inki tooti zindagi jod doon - Dil Bechara

This world will be a better place if we give smiles and hugs without any reason. Manny wants to hug the world so tight, that all the cracks of sadness, tears get healed.

The reason for Sushant Singh Rajput’s death was suicide, but he taught us how to live life fully through these colourful portrayals on-screen. Sushant Singh Rajput aged only 34 years, but in such a short life he won our hearts but his world-class performance. He will live in our hearts forever.


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