Rice Water: An Ancient Remedy For Healthy Skin & Hair

Rice Water: An Ancient Remedy For Healthy Skin & Hair

While everyone is going crazy for bottled creams & chemical made potions, Asia's easiest chemical free rice water home remedy is literally all you need for that healthy radiant skin & smooth, shining hair. Rice water – leftover water which was put with rice to soak in and boil/cook – contains a number of benefits, and adding it to your skin & hair care regime will only make your face glow & hair healthy for that confident smile.

Travelling through the ancient times, this rice water home remedy has been in Chinese culture for generations, resulting in luscious hair and glowing skin. Fortunately you will not have to make the trip to China to learn this method as we bring it to you. You can easily make rice water at home & use it best results.

Rice water for your skin:

over ages, rice water, a part of Asia's culinary legacy, has also been a part of health & beauty legacy. With a number of benefits, its application can give you astonishing results for your skin. here's what it helps in-

1) Keeping your skin safe from sunrays

Rice water is known for being a natural sunscreen, protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays. In addition, rice water with it's cooling & soothing effects can help treat sunburns and recover them faster. It also helps tightening the pores.

2) Makes a good anti-aging solution

If you have a dehydrated or dry skin, the aging process can take pace, rice water helps skin maintain its elasticity & restores moisture. Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and flavonoids, rice water help in skin function which keeps it glowing & radiant.

3) Keeps your skin toned & glowing

One of the major reason why rice water is healthy, is because it helps the skin get an even skin tone. dipping a cotton ball in rice water & massaging your face can giving glowing results for the face, it really works wonders. Your skin will get rid of hyperpigmentation, pigmentation, dark spots, acne scars, etc.

4) Says no to Skin Cancer

Rice water promotes cell growth & regeneration, keeping your skin smooth & supple, it also contains antioxidants, keeping various skin cancers at bay.

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How does it benefit hair?

1) No more frizzy hair

According to a study published in 2010, by International Journal of Cosmetic Science, rice water as a hair treatment offers improved texture, elasticity & strengthening of the hair, getting rid of the frizz making them smooth, this is largely due to inositol, a carbohydrate that does the job.

2) Chemical free hair-cleanser

Using rice water as a daily shampoo might not be an ideal choice but to give your hair, spa treatment every once in a while can give the desired results, as it contains no preservatives & chemical like other shampoos, and the best part? It doesn't need to be followed up by a conditioner.

3) Helps you balance pH levels of scalp

You scalp's pH level are as same as of rice water, it helps you maintain that & keep your natural hair's oil intact. 

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How to prepare your own rice water?

Soak a cup of uncooked rice in a vessel or a sauce pan, with double amount of water, leave it for about half an hour, strain the water in a storage bottle and voila your rice water is ready! You can practice the same method using a pressure cooker for the same but quicker result.

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