Rise, Shine, Grow, And Love With These LGBTQ Support Groups

Rise, Shine, Grow, And Love With These LGBTQ Support Groups

This Pride Month, let us have a look at some support groups that make the life of queers colorful.

India is a developing country, and the major population of the country is still orthodox. While many changes can be seen in society, several major social concerns remain undiscussed.

One such topic is the LGBT community. People have a lot of misbeliefs about the community and the subject is still a taboo. Even the young generation is not much aware of the issues faced by the queers.

Most people make fun of anyone who opens about being a homosexual. Thus, in countries like India, is it safe to be queer?

Well, many people are becoming aware of the issues and rights of the LGBT and supporting them. It is okay to be a homosexual and they deserve to be loved and accepted. So, if you are a part of the LGBT community or know someone who belongs to it, then we stand with you.

This Pride Month, let us have a look at some support groups that make the life of queers colorful.

LGBT Support Groups 


Nazariya is a queer feminist resource group that was established in 2014 in Delhi. The organization actively addresses concerns and issues of Lesbian Bisexual Women and Trans people who were born female.

This group organizes several activities and events namely film screenings, workshops, book launches, discussions, and talks. In these events, individuals can meet like-minded people, talk about issues relating to gender and sexuality. It helps one to extend their horizon unbelievably. 

Helpline number - 9818151707

Timings - Monday to Friday between 10 am to 6 pm.

The Humsafar Trust

It is one of the oldest organizations of India that has been favoring the human rights and wellbeing of LGBT individuals. The organization was established in India in 1993. 

The Humsafar Trust hosts various workshops and get-togethers to bring the community together and socialize. Additionally, the support group of the organization provides legal and psychological help to distressed individuals.

Even in the case of harassment, blackmail, or the ‘coming out’ state, you can seek help from the group as it is trustworthy, understanding, and supportive.

Helpline number - 011-46016699, +91-22-26673800

Timing -  Monday to Friday, 10 am till 6:30 pm.

Naz Foundation

It is one of India’s oldest organizations. Naz Foundation has played a major role in spreading awareness and information about HIV/AIDS and other sex-related issues in the country.

Founded in 1994, the organization has supported several communities and movements, including equality for the LGBTQ community. The offices of the foundation are located in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai.  

They provide counseling services and other kinds of support to the people in need.

Helpline number - +91 11 41325042, +91 11 40793157/58

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Harmless Hugs

Founded by Vinay Kumar in 2012, Harmless Hugs focuses on community building. It hosts various informational, exciting, and fun events throughout the year. It includes the Queer Holi event, LGBTQ Flash Mob, and the Delhi International Queer Theatre and the Film Festival (DIQTFF).

Harmless Hugs has been actively working for the human rights, equality, love, and pride of the LGBT community.

In every 15-30 days, the group organizes several workshops and Harmless Hugs meets. The group is associated with various NGOs, and in case of any legal or medical emergencies, you can contact them.

The Bi-Collective

It is a voluntary support group. The Bi-Collective Group Delhi is a safe place where people can talk about their bisexuality.

They provide all the necessary information, access to books, and answer to general questions regarding bisexuality.

The group has collected all the resources (brochures, reports, etc,) from bi-resource groups in the US public. The group believes that the more we learn, the better. You can also listen to their podcast named Passing Bi on Spotify.

The support group also organizes several online and offline meetings where they talk about the issues faced by bisexuals.

You can reach out to them by writing to

Here are some other resources and information that can help you in discussing your issues and concerns. 

You are more than your sexuality and attraction towards someone is natural. Just be proud of yourself. You are beautiful. We understand you. Keep spreading the colors.

Happy pride month! 

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