Romantic Resort Vacations For This Valentine’s Weekend

Romantic Resort Vacations For This Valentine’s Weekend

Valentine’s Day is one of the most awaited days in the life of both romantic couples and young love buds. The day is filled with eagerness and anticipation. No matter whether you are a husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend, the nervousness to show the feelings to your significant other on this special day can worry you a little. Just like each year, you can arrange a traditional romantic dinner for your beloved and there is nothing wrong in it. But you can do lot more creative than this. One such way is spending quality time at resorts on valentine’s weekend. Let’s know some of the popular resorts of Bhopal to create memorable Valentine weekend and have more fun.

Nilaya Resorts

Nilaya resort is situated in Dodi, Sehore. It’s one of the foremost choices in the city due to the wealth of recreational activities and facilities it provides. The resort features a huge terrace and outdoor swimming pool where the couples can spend laidback time with the beloved.

Activities- it offers an opportunity to relive your life by playing games like tennis, etc. Don’t miss to play water sport in the swimming pool.

Facilities- some of the major facilities it offers are 24-hour guest service, internet facility, check-out and check-in, maid service.

Price-the resort has a varying accommodation price as per the person and dates.

Madhuban Resort

Madhuban resort is a magnificent 4-star luxury resort that covers several acres of land in Rehti. By the time you arrive at the resort, you can park your car at the private parking space for free.

The accommodation at the resort has beautiful and mesmerizing view of garden. The garden and the restaurant are easily accessible.

At the hotel, all the rooms are provided with free toiletries and a terrace from which mountains can be glanced.

Facilities- some of the offers are free toiletries, Tea/coffee maker, private bathroom, air conditioning, pool view, and Mountain View.

Price- it’s also one of the cheapest resort with a varying accommodation price as per the person and dates.

Samardha Jungle Resort

Another beautiful place for couples is Samardha jungle resort. It is located 17 km away from People’s mall. The hotel features 24-hour front desk that provides check-in and check-out services to guests after they entered the hotel. Van Vihar National Park is located 25 km away from Samardha jungle resort. You can enjoy it as well.

Facilities- at madhuban resort, you will be offered by facilities like bathhouse, happy hour, themed dinner, open-air bath, spa packages, live music, and walking tours.

Price- the accommodation price depends on the stay dates.

Kerwa Resort

Kerwa resort is a leisure resort located 14 km away from Bhopal. The beautiful reservoir and panoramic view at the edge of dam can be seen from hotel’s window. It’s an ideal spot for group lunches, school picnics, team dinner and special days like “Valentine’s Day.”

Activities to do- you can do following activities like cycling, boating, visiting Taj-Ul-Masajid, Manuabhan Ki Tekri, Shyamla Hills, Zip lining at picnic sport, Zari and Zardozi craft, Chaman Mahal, Bhojpur temple, Bhimbetka and Mahadev Pani.

Facilities-elevator lift, free Wi-Fi, free parking, power backup, refrigerator, air conditioning, room service, telephone, newspaper, attached bathroom, and housekeeping.

Price- the price to stay at Kerwa resort varies as per the hotel’s policy, dates, etc.

Kila Kothi- Chanderi

If you wish to experience a royal hospitality in the historic places, Kila Kothi of Chanderi is perfect for you. It’s a regal residence located in the state of erstwhile Scandhia. MPSTDC converted it into hotel. The restaurant and sprawling garden gives you a sense of full classiness and regality.

Facilities- free parking, free breakfast, air conditioning, complimentary toiletries, room service, free high speed internet, and children activities which are family friendly.

Price- the price to stay at Kila kothi varies as per the hotel’s policy, dates, etc.

Reni Pani- Jehan Numa

Reni Pani Lodge is an elegantly designed wildlife-focused and conversation lodge which is situated near Satpura National Park. Satpura National Park is MP’s largest tiger reserve. It’s an ideal spot if you love the greenery of forests. Jehan Numa Group offers a high benchmark in quality and service that makes people keep coming back.

You will be provided with a personal butler that takes care of your requirements. The butler will arrive to accompany you. Jehan Numa courtesy imbued chefs, housekeepers, porters, and waiters to ensure you enjoy without interruption.

Enjoy a blissful stay at the retreat at the bar, lounge and dining area.

Facilities- expeditions, dining area, lounge, bird watching, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, massage therapies, library, complimentary breakfast, and outdoor swimming pool.

Price- the price to stay at Reni Pani varies as per the hotel’s policy, dates, etc.

These are some of the best romantic resort to visit this Valentine’s weekend with your beloved.

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