Rs 304 Crore Under Constructed Karam Dam About to Break in MP, 18 villages Evacuated, Roads Closed

Rs 304 Crore Under Constructed Karam Dam About to Break in MP, 18 villages Evacuated, Roads Closed
Karam Dam About to Break in MP

Due to the continuous rain in the state the Karam dam in Dhar, MP is on the verge of bursting. If this dam breaks then two districts of the state will be severely affected.

According to the information, water leakage occurred in the Karam Dam located in Dhar in the afternoon after which officials were informed.

Watch the Video of Water Leakage in Karam Dam 

And if rains start in the next 10 hours then lakhs of cusecs of water will flood the nearby villages and roads. Officials fear that dam may also break down.

If it happens then, the two districts( Dhar and Khargone) will face heavy damage. 

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Karam Dam Water Being Emptied

The administration team is trying to stop this big accident by pouring soil on the dam. However, the water current is high, and stopping the flow is a big challenge.

Seeing the current situation, the state government has begun the relief program to evacuate people from the area. 2 helicopters of Air Force and army men are ready for the situation.

The administration team is busy emptying the dam by making a canal at one of the sides. Also, a team of experts from Indore and Bhopal has arrived to monitor the condition of the dam.

The repair work has also started at a brisk pace. On the other hand, the Agra-Mumbai National Highway will also be closed.

Karam Dam Under Construction for 4 Years

The dam which is about to break is being under construction for 4 years at the cost of Rs 304.44 Crore as per media reports.

The purpose behind its construction was to ease irrigation of 10,500 hectares of land in 52 villages.

However, water from the Karam dam started leaking on Friday afternoon.

After which, Administration teams was deployed in villages like Bharudpura, Imlipura, Bhandakho, Dugni, Dehria, Simrali, Sirsodia, Dahivar, Lasangaon and Hanumantiya.

A few areas in Khargone district are also on alert and the villages located near to river are under evacuation process.

Investigation Orders on Water Leakage in Karam Dam

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is taking full updates on the matter. The government has also issued a statement on this matter.

The Water Resources Minister, Tulsi Silavat reached the spot and has ordered an inquiry into the matter. He also said a committee will be formed for investigation and action will be taken against the officials and the company on the basis of it.

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