Russia Missiles Attacks on Ukraine to Disrupt its Energy Supplies

Russia Missiles Attacks on Ukraine to Disrupt its Energy Supplies
Russia Misslies attack on Ukraine

 On Thursday morning, there were several explosions in various cities in Ukraine, according to Ukrainian officials.

 These attacks, which were perpetrated by Russia, targeted Ukraine's energy infrastructure and resulted in at least three people being hospitalized in the capital. The attack included the launch of multiple missiles.

 Air raid sirens were heard throughout Ukraine at 6 a.m., and explosions were reported in various cities including Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, and Lviv. Officials in these regions shared reports of missile attacks on social media. It is not yet clear if the explosions were from strikes or air defenses.

According to The Washington Post, journalists in Kyiv heard the first explosion around an hour after the air raid sirens were sounded.

Russia is Trying to Destroy Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure

Russia-Ukraine war: What happened today (March 7) : NPR

 According to a statement from Ukraine's Air Force on Telegram, the country is facing an attack from various directions, including air and sea-based cruise missiles launched from strategic aircraft and ships.

The Air Force described the assault as a "massive missile attack."

 Since October, Russia has launched attacks on Ukraine's infrastructure with the aim of disrupting the country's utilities, including electricity, heat, and water, during the winter months.

 This strategy is meant to weaken the Ukrainian government and its ability to continue fighting the ongoing conflict. However, this tactic has had limited success thus far.

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