Sandhya Kumbhkar: A Messiah For Voiceless In Bhopal

Sandhya Kumbhkar: A Messiah For Voiceless In Bhopal

Sandhya Kumbhkar started her page ‘Bhopal Paw Army’ to give a platform to youth who want to do something for the animals. She started this journey with two of her friends and today she shares her love for the voiceless with an equally enthusiastic community on Instagram.

Love For The Voiceless

Sandhya was an animal-lover from an early age, but she committed herself to serve the stray animals after witnessing the death of 11 stray puppies in her neighbourhood. She tried to save these little four-legged creatures but didn’t know the right means. She gave them food and treatment but couldn’t save any of them. The incident moved her and she decided to actively help stray animals.

After enthusiastically pursuing animal rescue and rehabilitation, Sandhya received support from his friends and family. She is working for animal welfare for the past 4 years and most of the time she rescues stray animals.

Bhopal Paw Army

Speaking to Agnito Today in an exclusive interview, Sandhya shared, “so far I have saved the lives of more than 100 dogs. I mostly give them on-spot treatments. I have rehabilitated over 50 puppies so far.” Most of such puppies need help when their mother dies and they are barely a week old. In such a situation, Sandhya comes forward to foster them and finds them a good family for adoption.

Animal Abuse In India

With her extreme fondness for animals, Sandhya is appalled by the animal cruelty that she witnesses every day in India. People do not appreciate nature and other creatures that create an eco-balance for human beings. Just a small step of giving leftover food to the stray animals of your locality can make a huge difference.

Watch the complete interview of Sandhya Kumbhkar from ‘Bhopal Paw Army’ here:

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