Sania Mirza's Broken Heart Post Fuels the Divorce Rumor with Shoaib Malik

Sania Mirza's Broken Heart Post Fuels the Divorce Rumor with Shoaib Malik
Sania Mirza and Shoaib Mailk Divorce Rumors

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik’s love life is going through a tough phase nowadays. If we believe the media reports, the couple is on the edge of breaking up.

However, Sania Mirza's divorce is a rumor for now but the pace at which it is spreading on the internet surely gives us goosebumps.

Amidst that, the former Indian tennis star has posted an Instagram story that gives air to this flame of rumors.

Sania wrote, “ Where do broken hearts go?” in both English and Urdu language. Furthermore, she answers the question by saying “To find Allah.”

This emotional post is an answer to those struggling in love life but says a lot about her married life too.

Are Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik Divorcing for Real?

sania mirza divorce

Though the rumors of Sania and Shoaib getting separated are not confirmed yet, the couple is heard to be living separately. 

It's shocking and devastating because they have been the power couple in the sports industry and an inspiration for many.

Sania and Shoaib Mailk’s wedding was a hot topic in the town because of their nationality. For the past 12 years, both proved that love knows no boundaries.

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But the recent news of their divorce has once again given the chance to those who believed their marriage was a publicity stunt.

Haters are making disgusting comments about Sania Mirza’s marriage while others hope the news to be rumors only.  

A few days ago, the couple was seen happy while celebrating their baby boy Izhann’s birthday. Their lovely post for Izhann had cute pictures of the family.

Sania and Shoaib Malik got married on 12th April 2010. Their 12-year-long relationship is going through a test of fire. We hope they survive it in the end.

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