Say goodbye to Hawkeye before Christmas: Season 1 Review

Say goodbye to Hawkeye before Christmas: Season 1 Review

Yesterday, Marvel cinematic universe dropped its final episode of Hawkeye. This series shows the struggle of a normal human being with a immense talent and without any super power. The show has total 6 episode for 6 days, each day is for each episode. The show is streaming on Disney + Hotstar from 24 November 2021, and each episode has been released on every Wednesday at 12:30pm, every episode approximately of 1 hour.

As we have seen in Avenger: Endgame, almost every avenger has retired or died. And Marvel is ready to reboot itself and start a new chapter. Well Marvel is exactly doing that through these web series. The story revolve around Clint Barton played by Jeremy Renner and Kate Bishop played by Hailee Steinfeld who might be going to become the next Hawkeye.

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The series shows how a normal girl gets impressed with Clint Barton I.e. Hawkeye and asks to give her a bow and arrow. From the age 9 years she learns martial arts, sword, and archery so that she can become like her idol Hawkeye. The show gracefully portrays the struggle of a normal human being who is an avenger and doesn’t have any super power but his talent and skill is his super power. The series shows about Hawkeye very closely about his arrow, life, family and struggle. The series is a murder mystery which is solved by Clint and Kate in the process they bond and find out about the villain. The positive side of the show is they are including Netflix web series in marvel universe. The series has used humor at the correct time but you might feel necessarily use of fun in the scenes. The also show has set up there new character “Maya”, whose series “Echo” will be seen soon.

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The show starts with the 2012 New York attack in which Kate Bishop lost her father but Clint Barton saves her and her mother Eleanor’s life played by Vera Farmiga. She later meets her fiance Jack Duquesne played by Tony Dalton. She finds out a illegal auction which was attacked by Tracksuit Mafia . She wears Ronin’s suit in the fight with them. Later Clint watch the news and rescue her. They come together to find out the culprit of a murder and Batorn tries to save her from Tracksuit Mafia and other enemies of Rohnin.

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