‘Scam 1992’ Star Pratik Gandhi Loves Home-Cooked Daal Baati! Here Are Some More Interesting Things We Know About Him

‘Scam 1992’ Star Pratik Gandhi Loves Home-Cooked Daal Baati! Here Are Some More Interesting Things We Know About Him

Hansal Mehta’s Scam 1992 has already released on SonyLiv last month and the audience is all love for Pratik Gandhi as Harshad Mehta. Well, this was a golden character for Pratik indeed that made him popular and people’s favorite overnight. All this time we wish to know more and more about him. Undeniably, while Pratik Gandhi became the talk of the town, we are getting more chances to do so. He has worked really hard to get into the skin of the character. Nothing comes easy after all.  

We have some amazing details that you will surely want to know about the ‘not so new’ face in the industry. Want a quick introduction? Pratik grew up in Surat, Gujarat. While both of his parents were teachers, he was an average student. However, his interest in theatre and arts remained with him from the very beginning. In one of the interviews, he said that he used to be very excited about storytelling competitions in school. Every time, he’d pick one of the stories told to him by his grandparents, team up with his friends, and perform it. And that’s how performing became a part of him. 

After completing 12th, Pratik pursued a diploma in Industrial Engineering from a college in Maharashtra. Alongside, he started working as a salesman and continued theatre practice.  

In an interview, Pratik revealed some interesting facts about him, his life, and his views on Scam 1992. Keep reading to know the answers to the questions you may have on your mind. 

“How do you view Harshad Mehta? What are the things to learn or admire? Also, did you think that this series would be such a great hit?” 

As per the actor, he never thought it would become so popular, however, he knew that it was a great storyline to work on. He said “Based on the series, a lot of people there are moments you will feel for the main character and the ones where you will be irritated by him or be against him. And that’s the moral dilemma a person faces in real life. Personally, there’s a lot to learn from his struggle and his journey from confidence to ego and ambitions to greed. It is very difficult to realize for a person who’s on this journey.” Pratik can actually relate with the character for how they began to reach their goals. 

The actor added that Harshad’s flamboyance was the one to put him in trouble. “When you enter a place which is ruled by other prominent people already, it becomes difficult to embezzle your success,” he said. 

“What According To You Is One Lesson That Everyone Should Take From Harshad Mehta’s Story?” 

It was a great answer. He said “It’s important and great to have a few ambitions and dreams in life. However, one should never become a slave to them. There’s a very thin line between ambitions and greed. You should recognize that at the right time.” 

“You Have Been In Mumbai For Around 16 Years Now, How Has Your Journey Been From A Theatre Artist To ‘the’ Harshad Mehta?”

I came to Mumbai in 2004, I had completed my engineering then and also had some theatre experience at that time. I looked for work here and there and Prithvi became the place where I started my journey. It is a place that offered me everything I have in the present. Prithvi Cafe, in fact, is one of the places that are very dear to me.” 

In a talk, Pratik revealed that he’s too fond of the Kashmiri Kava and Sulemani Chai at the Prithvi Cafe. He starts most of his shoots or acts with it. “Theatre is all about Chai and VadaPav,” he said. 

“Gujaratis Are Mostly Popular For Their Food, Business, And Interest In The Stock Market. So, Being A Gujarati Were You Ever Interested In That?” 

It sounds weird but I was never interested in stock investment or the market. In fact, even after being a Gujarati, I did a job and I knew nothing about how it works. Although after Scam 1992, while I was reading about it or researching, I got to know a lot of people who are great in this field, and getting to know all of it, I was really intrigued. So, I’m looking forward to learning more about it.” 

Pratik shared many of his interesting experiences of his survival in Mumbai when he used to work as an entertainer in kitty parties or kids’ birthday parties. “If you can entertain kids, you can entertain probably anyone,” he says. Pratik is married and has a six-year-old daughter. He said that the first payment he received for that work was 800 Rupees.  

Pratik Gandhi’s name was included in the Limca Book Of Records for his play Mohan’s Masala which was performed in three different languages: English, Hindi, and Gujarati on the same day. 

“Having Tried Your Hand On Several Different Things Now, Be It Theatre, Films, Or Working For Ott Platforms. What Do You Love The Most?” 

Theatre. I think theatre is just like a gym for an actor where he can go practice things and keep polishing his skills.” Undeniably over all this time, we have seen him very passionate about theatre performances. 

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“Being A Gujarati And From Surat, What Is Your Favorite Gujarati Dish?”  

Me and anyone else would become a fan of the Sunday brunch in Surat,” he said. From so many amazing things, the actor is fond of Khaman-Dhokla, Locho, and Patti Samosa. However, he said that he is not a foodie. 

Wherever I go I look for some good homemade food. Roti-sabzi is something I can eat every day with the same excitement.” He further added that “my wife is marvadi and makes brilliant daal baati.” 

“What Are Those Silent Spots In Mumbai That You Love Visiting?”

Prithvi Cafe was definitely one place that made me feel really good. We used to go to Nariman Point, Juhu Beach, Hare Krishna Hare Ram Mandir, etc. We used to come to Mumbai since childhood for family vacations so, I’ve known this place quite well.” He also said that he loves to travel but haven’t been able to because of busy schedules. “I used to have a job, did theatre and everything together so… I left my job recently in 2016 only. However, I travel whenever I get time. Kerala and Rajasthan are two of the best places I have been to.” 

Pratik Gandhi is one of the Indian actors that are down to earth and absolutely humble. Knowing him is quite interesting and we hope we get to turn some more pages of this book. We are sure that we will get to see some more of his great works in the upcoming web series. 

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