Secrets Busted: 7 Businesses That Run On Donald Trump’s Name That You Didn’t Know

Secrets Busted: 7 Businesses That Run On Donald Trump’s Name That You Didn’t Know

We have known Donald Trump since he became the US President. But the billionaire had many astounding businesses that many of us are unaware of. Trump’s estimated wealth and businesses were the only way people knew him before he contested for the US Presidential elections. Trump has had a vast history of businesses that any other US President has had.

He does not disclose his net worth but according to Forbes, the estimation was approximately around $2.5 billion.

Trump’s businesses are generally opaque to the public for many reasons. However, Trump’s main company named Trump Organization is a privately held business which means it does not have to publish quarterly earnings like that of the publicly traded companies. Trump has been confidential in releasing his net profits and tax paid in public that is why none of his tax returns are released to the public. Is Trump trying to hide his actual earnings?

Also, the amount listed as “income” from the assets owned seems to be the “revenue” generated from those businesses. 

Since we do not know the expenses of the business listed therefore we cannot calculate the actual income owned by his businesses. If you thought that Trump was just a President then you are certainly wrong. The leader hoards many other feathers in his cap of excellence.

Let’s take a dig at his secret business and know-how rich Donald Trump is. 

1. Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

Donald Trump before becoming the US President was well known for his Real Estate. Trump's official website boasts of owning 11 hotels one of which is the stunning Trump International Hotel located in Las Vegas. Apart from this he also owns hotels in Chicago, Miami, Waikiki, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, and the Albemarle Estate. The Trump International Hotel Las Vegas is built on 3.46 acres of land and is a 64 story luxurious hotel.

In September 2012, the Trump Organization announced that it sold roughly 300 condominium units in Trump International Hotel Las Vegas to Hilton Worldwide's timeshare division, Hilton Grand Vacations

2. Trump Wine

Trump Winery is situated in Virginia and is the largest winery on the East Coast and can be counted as one of the most spectacular properties. The winery has splendid roads that lead you to the wine tasting room giving the pleasure to sip the award-winning wines made at the Trump Vineyard. The vineyard was purchased by Donald Trump in 2011 and is now operated under the name of Trump’s son Eric Trump

3. Trump Tower

The mighty 664 feet tall building with 58 stories is located in Manhattan, New York. It is named after its developer and former residence of Donald Trump. The highest three floors are occupied by Trump and are accessed by a private elevator. Also, the tower has three houses that are the offices of Trump’s Real Estate company.

4. Trump Taj Mahal

Did you know that the Taj Mahal is owned by Donald Trump? In 1990 Trump inaugurated his lavishly decorated neon and chrome Taj Mahal which was a doorway to many gamblers. Yes, Trump’s Taj Mahal is a casino located in New Jersey’s Atlantic City. Built at a great expense the casino has chrome-domed minarets, a parade of stone elephants, and grand staircases. However, the Taj Mahal came to the brink of closure after its parent company went bankrupt in 2014. It also "willfully violated" anti-money-laundering regulations for years and was fined 10$million.One can visit India’s Taj Mahal to witness pure love and Trump’s Taj Mahal to test their luck. It was on August 6 2016 when it was announced that Trump's Taj Mahal would be closed. It was then bought by Seminole Tribe of Florida through its Hard Rock International brand. 

5. Donald Trump Fragrances

The man does not stop there; his business expansion is not just limited to luxurious buildings. Trump also has a fragrance brand labeled under his name. Donald Trump Cologne is a woody fragrance that has found its preference among many people. Clearly, the man is a master of many things.

6. Trump Book

If you thought that Trump has done it all you are probably wrong. Here comes his another shot at victory. Trump has also written many books and shared tips on “how to get rich”. Some of his Other famous books were “Think Big and Kick Ass”, Trump: Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life, Trump: The Art of the Deal, and many more.

7. Trump Clothing

Trump is neither underdressed nor overdressed. His clothing speaks for the sense of fashion he has. The Donald J. Trump clothing brand includes ties, shirts, suits, and accessories such as cufflinks. Previously sold at Macy’s — which dropped it soon after Trump launched his presidential campaign — the collection can now only be found online.

Trump has lost the 2020 US Presidential Elections to Joe Biden but his empire stands still. Trump has cleverly used his name in his businesses and has even given the Flagship to use his name as a Brand. If you thought he was just a President then your perceptions must have changed.

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