Shocking Controversies And Unknown Facts About King Khan

Shocking Controversies And Unknown Facts About King Khan

Today Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest names in Bollywood. This common man of Delhi has received a different level of love and fan following. He is also known as King Khan, Badshah of Bollywood, etc. His stardom follows him everywhere he goes, so do the controversies. Here are some of the top controversies:

  1. Drug case

One of the most top news of 2021 is the drug case of SRK’s son Aryan Khan. The 23-year-old was arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau, in a consuming drug case. He was under custody for almost a month. Later he was granted bail. The case is still in the process.

  1. Wankhede Stadium

One of the most popular and famous controversies of B-Town, when SRK got banned from Wankhede Stadium. In 2012, SRK lost his temper after seeing a security guard mishandling his daughter. According to MCA reports, it is said that he was drunk and misbehaving with the security guard under the influence of alcohol. As a result, he was banned from the stadium for 5 years.

  1. Aryan’s Child

King Khan and his wife Gauri became parents for the third time. The baby boy was said to be the love child of his son Aryan Khan and his girlfriend. Even a fake video went viral of Aryan Khan and his girlfriend.

  1. Priyanka Chopra V/s Gauri Khan

It is said that in 90s SRK was romantically involved with Miss World, they have worked in various hit movies together. Their sizzling chemistry converted into real-life romance during Don 2 movie. Later in a talk show “Dirty Laundry, she accepted SRK’s jacket as her Ex-bf’s jacket. The show created a buzz in India and in fans.

Reports say, that Gauri and Priyanka don’t like each other and after that SRK never worked with PC till now.

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  1. Stopped by US Immigration

King Khan has a fan following not in India but also worldwide. The Badshah of Bollywood was stooped at the US airport thrice in 2008 at Newmark’s Liberty International Airport, in 2012 at New York City, and in 2016 at Los Angeles. Reports believe it is because of his surname Khan.

Unknown Facts about SRK

There is no argument that SRK from being a lower-middle-class family to the King of Bollywood he really worked hard. Today not only in India but in the whole world SRK didn’t need any introduction. Here are some of the unknown facts related to King Khan:

  1. Social work

Srk tries to give back to society. Many of you might be didn’t aware that King Khan is very active in social work also. He is the founder of Meer Foundation, which works for acid attack survivors. He also received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland for his work in humanity.

  1. 555

King Khan was obsessed with the 555 number. His car’s number plate is 555.

  1. Kissing Scene

Do you know, SRK bowed to never kiss on screen. His first kiss was in 2012, with Katrina Kaif in “Jab Tak Hai Jaan”, which is also the last movie of Yash Raj Chopra who was very close to him.

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  1. NASA

The SRK is the only actor whose movie has been shot in NASA, “Swadesh”. After seeing his stardom NASA permitted them for shooting.

  1. Richest actor

King Khan is the 2nd richest actor in the world with a net worth of $600 million.

  1. First appeared

SRK was first appeared in “In which Annie gives it those ones” as a college boy. The movie was very dark and only appeared once on television.

“Dil Dariya”, was the first television show in which he worked, but due to delay he appeared in “Fauji”.

  1. My Name is Khan

For his movie “My Name is Khan”, SRK actually lived with those who suffered from Asperger’s syndrome for 2 weeks. For the role, he also used to behave like one of them at home also.

  1. Awards

In his career, he won many awards but during one of the interviews, he accepted that in 1994, he tried to purchase a Filmfare award but the editor denied it.

Not only that Shah Rukh Khan also gave his award to Salman Khan and to him to give a winning speech.


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