Shocking: This Is Why You Should Cut Your Long Nails!

Shocking: This Is Why You Should Cut Your Long Nails!

Beautiful nails symbolize your hygiene and cleanliness. But there are many disadvantages of not trimming the nail. It has often been seen that children, even older children, do not bite or keep their nails clean. In their nails, dirt starts to accumulate in the form of germs, which are ugly to look at and also give rise to many diseases.

On the other hand, women take care of their nails by taking care of cleanliness. Through the manicure, she also makes her hands and nails beautiful and trims those nails when needed. Everyone is surprised to see the way women maintain their nails. If you do not cut or trim your nails on a regular basis, you may have to face stomach diseases and other infections. Let's know about the disadvantages of not cutting the nail.

Disadvantages Of Not Cutting The Nail

1. Bacterial Infection

Due to long nails, many types of dangerous germs enter our stomach through food, due to which we become victims of many diseases. These bacterial infections can also enter into your stomach when you do not bite the nail. To avoid these, you should always trim the nail.

2. Fungal Complaint

If you do not trim your nails regularly, then fungal infection starts in it. Fungal infections of the nails do not always have the same symptoms, the most common symptom is softening or pain in the nails. In this, you may experience pooled nails, their color deterioration, and even deodorant.

3. Fiberglass Nails

While shaking hands with someone, you too may have seen a nail stuck in leather. At first glance, you understand that it is due to some disease. Apart from not cutting the nails, there can be other reasons for this. Let me tell you that this is a serious medical condition that results from the non-cutting of nails. Such nails can be seen in the feet apart from the hands which are very painful. You do not have to face this situation, so take full care of cleaning and trimming your nails.

4 Nail Injury

Many times we have to suffer injuries due to not cutting nails. Sometimes the injury can occur when the foot is hit hard on the door or wall if the nail is not cut properly. A sudden break of nails also leads to blood. Therefore it is better to keep your nails trimmed.

If you do not want any stomach disease, you should have the habit of trimming the nail in two or three days. Also, children who do not have much understanding of cleanliness and hygiene, tell them the advantages of trimming nails.

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