Explore Singapore Night Safari | Unique Night Safari in Singapore

Explore Singapore Night Safari | Unique Night Safari in Singapore
Explore Singapore Night Safari | Unique Night Safari in Singapore

Some destinations are worth daydreaming about. One such interesting and must-visit destination is Singapore Night Safari.

It is the world’s first zoo to go lively at night. The most exciting hotspot of Singapore, Night Safari amazes the tourists with its nocturnal thrill. Established in 1994, Singapore Night Safari is spread over 86 acres of rainforest and is adjacent to the popular Singapore Zoo.

The Night Safari is home to 2500 animals representing almost 130 species. Let us have a look at what to expect in the Safari.

Things To Remember In Night Safari

  • The Night Safari is open all days, but the timing and prices differ on the package one chooses.
  • The Night Safari opens at 7:30 pm and closes at midnight.

  • You can visit the zoo in different time slots and it takes at least 2-3 hours to completely visit the entire park.
  • The Night Safari is open throughout the year.
  • Even dine-in facilities are available in the park and you can even engage in shopping over here. Though, the Safari starts at 7:30 pm only.
  • You can easily book online tickets for the park, or else, buy tickets offline. The prices of the tickets are $55 for adults and $39 for kids.
  • Night Safari is situated on the outskirts of Singapore. It is located at 80, Mandai Lake Road.

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Things to Do in Night Safari Singapore:

Tram Safari

The Tram Safari is one of the most famous attractions at the Singapore Night Safari. It is a 40-minute drive through six different geographical zones.

From the Asian Riverine Forests to Himalayan Foothills, these zones represent a variety of habitats. Each zone consists of beautiful eye-pleasing ponds or rivers, mountains, dense forests, and animals.

Wildlife Tours

The safari adventure tour is one of the best safaris in the world. The wild ride will surely make you love nature and the jungles more. The leopard trail can be very thrilling. The night safari wildlife tour has been getting rave reviews from people all around the world.

You can surely enjoy the wildlife tours.

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Spot Wild Cats and A Lot More

Apart from the leopard trial, you can discover the indigenous Malyalan tigers and lions here. The animal keepers have a lot of stories and information to tell about these animals.

Also, the Pangoliian exhibition, fishing cat trail, and the naughty cute wallaby trail are some of the most exciting things to visit in the Night Safari.

Dine Out

The Safari offers delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The Ulu Ulu Asian buffet and the Ulu Ulu Indian meals are some of the great meals in a 300 seater Safari restaurant. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream are one of the cravings you won’t like to miss at the Safari.


Go Shopping

Get engaged in buying some amazing souvenirs from the gift and memorials shop located at the entrance of the park.

Thumbuakar show

Feel fascinated with the performance of the brave warriors who use tactics, agility, and fire as their props.

A Night Show Of Creatures

Different animals come out in the open in a popular night show and show their skills and various enthralling performances.

First-Ever Tipi Tent

Visitors can enjoy a gourmet dinner in the first-ever tipi tent and make their evening more memorable by closely watching these animals.

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Best Time To Visit Night Safari

Though you can visit the Night Safari Singapore in any month, the best time to visit the place is December to June.

Also, there are various time slots to visit the Singapore Night Safari, but the best time to visit the Safari is 7:15 pm. At this time you can enjoy the first fire show, creatures of the night show, pick a tram ride, and have a perfect dinner.

If you come an hour earlier, you can save yourself from long queues and crowds.

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