Six Months Jail for Modifying Mahindra Thar! Read Full Story Here

Six Months Jail for Modifying Mahindra Thar! Read Full Story Here
Srinagar court sentenced to six months of jail for modifying Thar

Adil Farooq Bhat, Mahindra Thar owner from Kashmir sentenced to six months imprisonment for illegally modifying his vehicle. The Srinagar traffic court passed the judgement against the owner and handed over the vehicle to RTO for reversing all the modifications.

But why did the court give this verdict? Is modifying our vehicle a crime? So here are all the answers to your questions.

People Can Go to Jail for Modifying their Vehicles

Thar owner sentenced to six months of jail

According to the latest Motor Vehicle Act, modifying any type of vehicle is illegal in India. Even a minor modification can lead you to jail.
So, under this act, the court passed judgement against Mr. Adil. The judge also instructed the Additional General of Traffic Police to be strict in this matter from now.

Here is the official statement of the court -
“Since the offense does not involve any moral turpitude and the violator has not been previously convicted and having regard to his age and antecedents the purpose of justice shall be served if the case is considered under the probation of offenders Act, and the accused is given the benefit of probation”.
“Therefore, the accused is directed to execute a bond to the tune of Rs 2 lakh for keeping peace and good behaviour for the period of two years”.

The RTO Kashmir at Srinagar is directed to remove the car siren and all the modifications that were done in contravention of the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act and the rules made thereunder and restore the vehicle (Thar) to its original position as specified in the Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle”.

“The entire incident shall be video graphed and the same shall be submitted before the court. As per section 52 of the MV Act, no motor vehicle shall be modified or altered from its original position in contravention of the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act and without permission from the concerned authority”.

“There are mainly two reasons why people violate these rules:

one -lack of awareness

second - no strict action against the violators, therefore it is imperative to educate the people on the subject and simultaneously strict action as warranted under the law must be taken against the violators”.

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Will Adil Farooq Bhat Really Go to Jail?

Thar owner sentenced to six months of jail

As this act is not known to everyone yet and Mr. Adil does not have any previous conviction against him, he will not go to jail.
But the court will execute a bond of Rs 2 lakh and place him under probation for two years.

If he commits the same crime in the future, he will go to jail. So, in the meantime, Mr. Bhat has to keep good behaviour and peace.

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