Small Acts Of Kindness You Can Do During This Pandemic

Small Acts Of Kindness You Can Do During This Pandemic

The pandemic has hit every single one of us. As someone said, we are not in the same boat but we are in the storm. All kinds of news updates are coming from every corner of the country. There is desperation, hopelessness and vulnerability among people. Even social media has become a Covid helpline of sorts. There is nowhere left to go. 

In the time of despair, we should extend our hands for small acts of kindness. Religions keep reminding us about being kind and just to others.

Quran says, “Allah orders justice, kindness and good conduct (16:90).” The Rig Veda says, “The person, who is always involved in good deeds experiences incessant divine happiness.” The Bible says, “A man who is kind benefits himself (11:17 ESV)”.

So to overcome this despair, we must gather courage and help others during quarantine in whichever way possible. Here are some tips that might help you. 

Keep Food And Water For Stray Animals

The pandemic has affected stray animals badly. They cannot even ask for help from anyone. These furry friends are solely dependent on you for their daily meals. Make sure to keep some food and water on the roadside

Generously Give Tip To Deliver People

We might have gotten used to getting things delivered but do not forget what a big privilege it is. It means we have access to the internet, we know resources and we have money to purchase things. People, more than you can imagine, do not have these luxuries. 

Since we are getting all kinds of things delivered to our doorstep do not forget to show kindness to your delivery guy during this pandemic. Ask them if they need water. Tip them generously and just be kind towards them.

Take Care Of Elderlies 

If you know old people near you, extend a helping hand to them. You can take out their trash, get the groceries or take care of them if they are sick.

There are many diseases besides Corona that older people are susceptible to. Ask them if they need your help and keep checking in on them. 

Help Small Businesses

Small and medium enterprises are the worst-hit industries in India due to Coronavirus. If possible, get your grocery items, dairy products, and other essentials from your nearby shops. Try to support small local businesses as much as possible. 

Donations For Hospital Equipment

Helping others during this pandemic will bring you calm. It is also good for your karma (if you believe in it). Give generous donations for hospital needs.

At this time, hospitals are running short of beds, staff and other essentials. Your donation will help them in providing better patient care

Reach Out To Friends Who Are In Self-Isolation

If you know a friend who is in a difficult phase give them your aid. Just a simple phone call or text message is enough to cheer up people.

Self-isolation can give rise to depressive thoughts. Keep in touch with your loved ones in this difficult hour. 

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Cook A Meal, Get Grocery, Medicines To Friends Or Neighbours

During the pandemic, acts of kindness can be as small as cooking a meal for someone. If you know someone who is sick, cook the meal, take care of their chores so that they can recover fast. 

Extend Help To Unequipped People For Online Education

Before the pandemic, nobody knew that online education will become such essential. Today, all classes are being held online. There are a lot of people who don’t have access to laptops, smartphones or even the internet. If you know someone like this, help them in whichever way possible.

You can help them in learning how to attend online classes and how to use the internet for education. Similarly, you can help elderlies with learning phone/internet so that they can be digitally connected to their loved ones.

These are few ways to help others during this pandemic. Helping others will help us sail through this pandemic easily. What small acts of kindness do you practice daily? 

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