Step-By-Step Guide To Do Manicure At Home

Step-By-Step Guide To Do Manicure At Home

If you do not have much time or budget to go out alone for taking manicure then, fret no more! Now say goodbye to this tension and do a Manicure at home and get soft hands. For the manicure at home, not much is needed but only half an hour and some important things. We tell you the way of Manicure at Home Naturally

Gather Essential Items

A manicure does not require a lot of accessories. Nail paint remover and Nailcutter occurs in every household. Aloe vera gels, rose water, a small tub in which hands can be submerged and glycerin must be there during the cold season. Rose petals are olive oil, scrub, and moisturizer at home.

How To Do Manicure At Home?

First of all, do a nail polish remover and file a nail to do a manicure at home. Clean the nails of cucumbers too. Then add a few drops of shampoo or body wash to the lukewarm water. Dip the hands in this for some time and then remove the hand and scrub the hands with a homemade scrub or any scrub in the market for 10 minutes. After a scrub, wash hands again with lukewarm water. Now wipe both hands with light hands with towels and apply glycerin and rose from cotton on the whole hand.

Put the hands in the moisturizer for the last time and leave the hands for a while. When the hands completely soak the moisturizer, apply your favorite color nail polish. This will make your hands look full and soft.

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