Great Indian Hornbill Brutally Murdered by Monstrous People, Video Goes Viral

Today, a gut-wrenching video went viral on social media that shows some men are torturing and killing a Great Indian Hornbill. According to the sources, these people belong to Nagaland, a state that celebrates the Hornbill festival. After watching the video, Nagaland police investigated and arrested three men under the Wildlife and Arms Act.

The video is drawing everyone’s attention on the Internet. Netizens, as well as animal rights activists, are criticizing this kind of inhumane behavior. Check out the video down here.

Great Indian Hornbill Brutally Murdered by Monstrous People

For this brutal act, the official Twitter handle of People for Animals India has tweeted “They will not be released on bail.”

Besides the government authorities, netizens are also sharing their rage on this. Check out some posts here.