Being A Social-workers During A Pandemic: Interview With The Students of BSSS

Who had thought that a mere virus will bring the advanced world of the 21st century to its knees? There is a need to come forward in whichever way possible and help the people around us. We need to maintain a physical distance but simultaneously we need to give all kinds of assistance to COVID victims and their family members.

The newspapers and news channels have exhausted all their potentially feed-good stories. The only hope lies in the humanity of common people around us, who are helping the needy people despite knowing the risk. 

At a time when people are thinking about the safety of their family members and loved ones only, few young warriors have come forward to save the name of humanity. These students, barely in their early twenties, are helping people through telephonic assistance from a small desk in Bhopal’s Hamidia Hospital. 

The Students of Bhopal School of Social Sciences are serving society during the pandemic in different ways. Last year, when the pandemic hit us first, the condition wasn’t as deadly as the second wave, but there was a lot of chaos. BSSS students took permission from the administration and worked to help people in distressed times. 

BSSS students started an initiative calledSamvaad to give telephonic assistance to people regarding COVID-19. The unit is based in Bhopal’s Hamidia Hospital. The students provided facilities like health updates, audio/ video calls and counseling etc.

Student volunteers also came forward to collect funds for the needy and provide food to the migrant laborers. It was one of the first community relief works by students in Bhopal. The students had the complete support of their college and Social-Work Department and all the food that is distributed by the students was often cooked in the college campus itself. 

During the second wave, the students are working round-the-clock to provide telephonic assistance of all types related to Coronavirus. The students are giving information to the relatives of patients who are admitted to Hamidia Hospital. They make a great point of contact as the doctors and other medical staff are overwhelmed with responsibilities and very often they are not able to give satisfactory answers to the family members of admitted COVID patients.

Besides giving basic health updates, these students volunteers also help in information such as availability of beds, medicines etc. It was a new initiative and a lot of things were not planned, so students learned on their way during this initiative. 

During the month of December, the administration of Hamidia Hospital approached these students again. This time they asked for blood donation. During pre-Covid times, hospitals organized blood donation camps on regular basis. But due to COVID, people were afraid to come forward and donate their blood and non-covid patients in need of blood were suffering due to this.

Students organized the blood donation camp on their campus as it was far safer than hospital grounds and collected 62 units of blood in a day. The initiative was a huge success. Such small success keeps the students’ spirit high during these tough times. 

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