I Became A Health Coach To Help Women Who Suffer Due To PCOD: Kriti Meena

Bhopal-based Kriti Meena is a health coach. It’s a relatively new profession born out of the need of modern lifestyle which advocates healthy active living. Through her Instagram page and health club ‘UShine’ she educates people about general health, importance of diet and nutrition, daily workout and much more. Every week she organizes some health challenges and online workout sessions to help people in need.

In an exclusive interview with Agnito Today, Kriti shares about her journey, motivation behind being a health coach and her exclusive advice for PCOD warriors.

Tell us about yourself.

I am Kriti Meena. I am a health coach. I have done certification in nutrition requirement which an individual needs at every stage of life especially women.  I have been helping people for 1.5 years now to correct their lifestyle. I help people with how to create a habit, how to re-create a habit and how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Tell us about the profession of a Health Coach. What is this and how is it different from a doctor?

A health coach is different from being a doctor. For example, assume that your life is a bike and you’re riding it. You need to wear a helmet so that you stay safe. That helmet is your healthy active lifestyle. The quality of our ride/ life depends on the quality of helmet/ healthy lifestyle.

So doctors are for emergencies, but health coaches are for well being. How well you adopt the wellness culture. Although health coach is a different profession but it’s not opposite. It aligns above and below with medial field. Also, it’s very important to understand that right food and lifestyle doesn’t require any medicines. If your lifestyle isn’t right, then no medicines is going to work for you. I am not saying this, but it’s being said by Ayurveda for years now.

Why did you choose this profession?

I had 2 reasons to become a health coach. First reason is that I always wanted a profession which allows me to touch thousands of lives.

Secondly, I wanted to be a health coach because of personal reasons. I had a PCOD challenge. I tried a lot of things, nothing worked. I didn’t want to pop pills because I knew it was not a permanent solution and I had seen people suffering because of this. In a desire to cure myself, I realized that if you work on the pillars of health then your body reverses everything by itself. I was crushed when I got PCOD, my affected my confidence. Then I learnt about this healthy active lifestyle. I worked on myself and then I decided to become a health coach.

I became a health coach to help women who suffer so much. They don’t know where to go. That’s my reason to become a health coach, it’s surely very emotionally driven but I am enjoying, and I feel very blessed that I got to know about healthy active lifestyle. It changed my life, and now I am able to change the lives of others as well.

Tell us about ‘UShine’?

If you work on your health you can help others as well. I didn’t want everything with the name Kriti. So I decided to open a health club community sort of. A lot of people who want to improve their health, join the club and they help others as well. So keeping the long term scope in mind, I named this club UShine. It implies that US can shine together. 

How did the pandemic effect you? What did you learn from it?

I had a plan to open a physical club but the lockdown was imposed. For the first two weeks I was crushed. Now, I am running an online community. Through this virtual club, I have been able to help people in my city, in my country and outside the country as well. I have been able to impact a lot of people that I never thought of. Now I am able to help people all over the world.

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What advice would you give to a PCOD/PCOS patient?

I won’t call them patients but warriors.

I have 3 suggestions for my PCOD warriors. First thing is that having PCOD is not your fault. If you do not work on your lifestyle after learning about PCOD then it’s your mistake. You should work on your lifestyle to reverse or at least eliminate the challenges. If you have infertility because of PCOD, it doesn’t make you any less of a woman. You are a strong woman and you have to remain like that till the end of your life.

What advice will you give to demotivated people out there?

 A lot of knowledge is not the power, but if we can change the knowledge into the action then it’s effective. When I was preparing for CAT exams, I asked my tutor what all books we will cover. He said, “We will cover only one, multiple times.” Now I understand it.

Even if your knowledge is limited, it should be converted into action. Do less but do it effectively. Always check the source of your information and make sure it’s authentic. If you keep these things in mind, then you would not fall out of your habits. You will not be demotivated because you will know the reason behind the actions that you undertake. 

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How do you de-stress yourself?

It’s rare that I am in a stressful situation because I work and control the situation much before it becomes stressful. Sometimes I re-organize my cupboard, secondly I read books, it soothes my mind. Thirdly I watch a Disney movie. Yes, I still watch a Disney movie and it’s quite relaxing.

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