Surprising Difference Between Desi Alcohol And English Alcohol

Surprising Difference Between Desi Alcohol And English Alcohol

Since the evolution of Harappan Civilization, there have been tons of alcoholic drinks in existence. Ancient people called it ‘Madira’, Rig Veda called it ‘SomRas’ and English termed it ‘Alcohol’. Today, it’s popularly known as ‘Desi Alcohol’ and is a widely accepted drink throughout India. You will be surprised to know how much English Alcohol and Desi Alcohol differ. Read further to know some interesting differences between the two of the Alcohols.

India’s liquor image of desi daru is a crude & vulgar rural drink that tastes bitter. You might have seen it as a cloudy liquid that is drunk neat. On the other hand, English liquor like gin, brandy, vodka, whisky and rum, taste superior and better. They make it a lot different from the authentic ones. English alcohol is made of molasses, not aged, not grains & is approximately original with artificial coloring and flavors.

The major difference is largely due to flavor. If you deep dive into the English liquor, you will come to know they are highly purified & distilled. Even though both went through the same manufacturing process & distilled from agricultural sources, the difference comes in terms of flavor and strength. Desi Daru has a tangier side while Indian Made Foreign Liquor could be sweet, bitter, and tangy at the same time.

Both country liquor and IMFL make use of the same commercial reactive enzymes that have to go through a multi-column distillation process. Using the standard distillation equipment, rectified spirit is extracted. This is then distilled to turn it into extra neutral alcohol.

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Different Nomenclatures among Tribals in Various Parts of India

1. Apong (Rice Beer) in Assam

Adi and Mising tribes in Assam are best known as high spirits. They have been consuming rice beer named ‘Apong’ for centuries. It’s made using 32 different types of grasses, herbs, crippers, and leaves.

2. Handia in Jharkhand

Handia is desi daru which is consumed by folks in Jharkhand, Orissa, and Bihar. It’s made using boiled rice and herbal tablets. This auspicious drink is served to Tribal Gods.

3. Lugdi in Himachal Pradesh

It’s a local drink in Himachal Pradesh that is made using cereal grains. Some of the tribes that consume it include Shot, Pangwala, Lahaula, Kinnara, and Swangia.

4. Thaati Kallu in Kerala

Thaati Kallu comes straight from the palm trees and is consumed by local tribes like Kadars, Irulars, Adiyars, and Eravallan. It is sweet at first but turns bitter eventually.

5. Feni in Goa

The Kunbis and Gowdas in Goa are best known for drinking this famous beverage.  People who comes to visit the tourist spot, are being served with ‘country liquor’

6. Kiad Um in Meghalaya

Kiad Um is favorite for Jaintia, Khasi, and Garo tribes in Meghalaya. Since it contains medicinal properties, this powerful and magical drink is also consumed during ceremonies and occasions.

7. Toddy in Andhra Pradesh

Toddy comes from palm trees and is fermented for hours. It’s a sweet and mild tasting drink that contains 4% alcohol.

Now you know the difference between Desi Alcohol and English Alcohol. To conclude, both liquor goes through the same manufacturing process and distillation; however the only difference lies in flavor and strength.

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