Sweat-proof Your Makeup With These Summer Makeup Tips 

Sweat-proof Your Makeup With These Summer Makeup Tips 

Wearing makeup during summers often leads to a shiny and oily face in a couple of hours. The makeup also tends to wash off as the day goes by, leaving you in a dreadful situation. You want to look flawless with makeup and smeared kajal/mascara, melting base makeup is not the idea of flawless. 

The weather is already quite humid, so wearing heavy makeup is a big no in this season. However, there are few makeup tips for summer that can give you a sweat-proof look all day long. 

# Use Ice On Face

It is important to prep your skin before makeup for a flawless base. Using ice on your face after washing your face has multiple benefits. It reduces puffiness, controls oil secretion and adds a glow to the face. If you have sensitive skin, wrap the ice in a soft cloth to avoid any irritation. 

# Moisturiser

Irrespective of your skin type and the season, moisturizing your skin is the key to healthy glowy skin. For summers, choose light gel-based moisturizers. It will help in gliding the makeup easily without making it cakey. Always remember, if the skincare is done right, you will have to make fewer efforts in makeup. 

# Sunscreen

Ladies put on your sunscreen before getting out of your doors. In fact, apply an SPF of 30 even when you are indoors. It is a no-brainer. Choosing the right sunscreen to sit underneath your makeup can be tricky. Choose a light formula that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. 

# Put On A Primer

It is not advisable to use a face primer on daily basis. However, on special occasions, you must use one. Primer gives a smooth base to your makeup. It ensures that the foundation glides on easily without becoming cakey. 

# Use Less Makeup

It is better to skip on all the heavy-duty full coverage foundations during this sweltering heat. Use a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. You can also combine your moisturizer with your foundation to get sheer coverage. Steer clear of full-coverage foundations if possible. Using a concealer for spot correction also gives you a put-together look without using too much makeup. 

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# Compact Powder

Use a compact powder or loose powder to set your face. It is one of the best summer makeup products. It controls the oiliness and keeps the skin shine-free for hours. If you have dry skin, only powder your t-zone. 

# Powder Blush

Instead of a liquid blush opt for a powder blush. Not only it will control the excess oil from your face, but it will also give you a youthful pink glow. 

# Lip Stain

Swap your heavy liquid lipsticks for a summery lip stain. Lip stains give the lips a youthful juicy look and they are also light in nature. Lip stains are available in all kinds of consistencies. So whether you like a full-coverage lip stain or just a hint of colour, you will find something of your liking. 

# Use A Makeup Fixer

A makeup fixer is the best makeup product for the summer heat. It keeps your makeup in place for hours. The market has several options including matte and dewy makeup fixers. Use according to your skin’s need. 

# Use A Refreshing Mist

Whenever you feel like your face is looking dull or needs some help, spray a refreshing mist. A basic rosewater mist is perfect to refresh your makeup. At this point, you can fix any cakeyness on your face through a damp beauty sponge. It is a must-have summer makeup product.

# Use A Blotting Paper

If you struggle with an oily t-zone, you must keep blotting sheets handy. These sheets help in absorbing excess oil and give your makeup a fresh look for any efforts. They are quite economical and easily available in the market. 

# Keep A Makeup Kit Handy 

It is a great way to do a quick touch-up on the go. Having mini-size makeup products on your handbag will allow you to fix your face in minutes. 


These are our summer makeup tips for flawless makeup throughout the day. Looking good and feeling good is the best kind of self-care routine.  What do you do to keep your makeup in place during summers? Share with us. 


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