TATA Groups Trent Ltd Shares Hit High with Rs.1482.90, Enters Into the 100 Most Valued Companies List

TATA Groups Trent Ltd Shares Hit High with Rs.1482.90, Enters Into the 100 Most Valued Companies List
TATA GROUPS Trent Ltd share price hit high of Rs. 1,482.90

Good News for TATA Groups shareholders, it’s Trent Ltd company’s single share price hit a record-time high of Rs.1482.90 on BSE on Wednesday. Its share gives 40% returns within 6 months.

With this high in its share price company’s stock market capitalization rose above  Rs. 50,000 Crore mark, which enter the company into the list of top 100 most valued companies in terms of market capitalization.

TATA Groups Trent Ltd shares Price Hit High with Rs.1, 480.90 on BSE –

During and after the Russia-Ukraine war stock markets were performing poorly. But on Wednesday TATA Groups Trent Ltd company shares hit an all-time high record of Rs. 1,482.90, providing hope to the shareholders.

The company’s current market price is Rs. 1475 with 4.60%return in today’s trading. The stock opened at Rs. 1419 and reached a high of Rs.1482.90.

Trent's market capitalization crosses Rs. 50,000, which enters it into the top 100 most valued companies list.

In the past 5 trading sessions, we can see an 11% increment in its share. On 18 Feb 2022 share price was Rs. 1045, which reach to record high of Rs. 1479, which means within 6 months share price gives 40% returns to its shareholders.

Trent Ltd in its first quarter of the current financial year (Q1FY23) reported a net profit of Rs.115 crores. The revenue of the company raised from Rs. 492 crores in Q1FY22 to Rs. 1,803 crores in Q1FY23.

In its BSE filing company reported a net loss of Rs. 138 crores in Q1FY22.

Trent Ltd share price hit record time high of Rs.1,482.90 on BSE

Trent Company in its Statement said- "The group's financial performance for the corresponding quarter of the previous year had been impacted by Covid-related business disruptions. The relative operating performance for a few weeks in Q4FY22 had also got impacted due to temporary restrictions imposed in wake of the third Covid wave. However, Covid-related disruptions have declined thereafter.”

Info about Trent Ltd. –

Westside Retail Store

Trent Ltd is a part of TATA Group. It is India's leading retail industry.

Westside retail stores provide branded clothing to women, men and children with furnishing and decor items for the home.

It’s Zudio branded fashion store which is a key player in the growth of Trent.

Star bazaar is a hypermarket that provides groceries and daily use items.

 Landmark is child store that provide a range of toys, stationeries and sports merchandise for kids.

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