How To Enable Dark Theme On Google Search For Desktop & Smartphone?

Google has come up with a dark mode facility for Google Search pages on desktop. It is made available for the Google homepage, search setting, and search results page. Now, users can adjust the Appearance settings as per their choice.

Here’s how you can enable dark theme on Google Search for desktop step-by-step.

Follow These Steps To Enable Dark Theme on Desktop

Step 1- Open Google search in a browser

Step 2- Hit the three dots available in the right top corner and click the “settings options”

Step 3- Now look for “Appearance”

Step 4- Choose any of the following options- “Dark, Light, or Device Default”

Step 5- Finally, hit the “save” button

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How To Enable Dark Mode On Your Smartphone?

No matter whether you own iOS or Android, you can easily enable Dark mode. Follow the given below steps,

Step 1- Open Google search app

Step 2- Hit your profile icon that’s made available at the top right corner

Step 3- Tap on the setting, then General option

Step 4- Scroll down & tap on the theme

Step 5- Select dark

This is how you can enable dark themes on Google search for desktop and smartphone.

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