How To Type In Hindi And Other Regional Languages In Google Docs Using Voice?

Sometimes back, Google launched a new feature called “Voice typing” that allows users to type by means of their voice. Being the most convenient feature, it has become one of the fastest ways of typing in any regional language in Google Docs. It supports 40+ languages like Telugu, Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, and much more.

Wondering how to use it?

Here’s a super simplified guide to type in Hindi and other regional languages in Google Docs using voice type feature.

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Follow the Steps To Use “Voice typing” Feature

Step 1

Open “Google Docs” in any browser

Step 2

Hit “+” icon to begin typing on selected template or new blank document

Step 3

On the top menu, find “Tools” option. Click on it and hit “voice-typing

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Step 4

Hit the drop down arrow and scroll down. Here, you can select any "regional language" of your choice.

Step 5

Now click on the “mic” icon & start saying you wish to be typed.

Step 6

Again hit the “mic” icon available on the Google Docs to stop typing.

This is how you can use Google’s new feature “Voice typing” to type on Google Docs. 

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