India's First Meta Influencer and Top 5 Virtual Influencers Ruling Instagram Right Now, Check Here

Instagram is full of influencers you can’t resist following, one such is Kyra. She is hot, gorgeous, and can make you follow her instantly. But, there’s something different about her. Kyra is neither from this world nor is she real. Surprised? Kyra is India’s first virtual influencer and has reached over 1 lakh followers recently.

At first, she did not get much attention but gradually more and more people got curious about her. Now, everyone wants to know who Kyra is and where she comes from. Read more about Kyra and other top virtual influencers on Instagram who can trick you with their human-like appearance.

Who is Kyra- India’s First Virtual Influencer on Instagram?

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Kyra looks an exact copy of human being and if you don’t pay much attention to her looks, you will find no difference in her. She walks like human, talks like human and no different than other influencers on Instagram.

She even has a real bio that reads- Dream chaser, model and traveler. Kyra has a demographic identity as well; she is a 21-year old model from Mumbai. She is very active on Instagram and post video and photos from her photoshoot. Kyra even participated in fashion week in metaverse.

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Who Created Kyra?

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Many users went surprised after seeing her and asked where she came from. So, let us tell you Kyra is a creation of a software engineer from Mumbai, Himanshu Goel. He is a business head of TopSocial India.

Kyra is one of her kind in India, but there are many more top virtual influencers across the world who have more than million followers. Have a look below

Top 5 Virtual Influencers on Instagram

1. Lu do Magalu

Lu do Magalu is a virtual human from Brazil and is the top virtual influencer with 5.9 million followers on Instagram. She is also famous on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok but her presence is limited to Brazil only.

2. Lil Miquela

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Lil is an American fictional character and active since 2016. Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou are its creators. She has more than 1 million followers and has more realistic appearance.

Lil’s account was once hacked by another CGI character named Bermuda on the claim of duping her followers and she asked her to reveal her real identity to users.

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3. Shudu

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Shudu is one year younger than Lil and made her debut in 2017. She is an African model created by photographer Cameron-James Wilson and Olivier Rousteing. Shudu has worked with Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Balmain, and more. 

4. Rozy Oh

Rozy is a Korean influencer widely known in Asia for expression. She is even nicknamed as expression expert. It’s hard to tell whether she is real or fake when she poses with any human.

Rozy is also famous among Korean celebrities and has worked for international brands like Calvin Klein. She is 22 years old and has 127k followers on Instagram.

5. Maya

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Maya is a face of Puma and is brand ambassador since 2020 when she was created. Her bio reads as – Your average not so-average Southeast Asian virtual girl. Nobody can even feel as if she is unreal with her post and caption on Instagram. She is undoubtedly the coolest of all virtual influencers.

These top 5 Meta influencers are dominating the social media and can dupe anyone with their near-to-original looks. Does it mean Metaverse is the future of world and real-world influencers are in competition with them? Who knows?

What we know is that metaverse will change the way people are interacting and connecting to the world.