Top 6 Temples to Visit in Dubai on Your Spiritual Tour !

Top 6 Temples to Visit in Dubai on Your Spiritual Tour !
Temples in Dubai That Are Must Visit

If you're looking for some spiritual inspiration during your visit to Dubai and you have all the time in the world then here are six temples in Dubai that should definitely be on your list.

There is something different about those holy sites that attract people from all faiths.

They are a confluence of cultures and ideas, welcoming one and all.

1. Krishna Temple in Dubai

Krishna devotees can worship Thakurji even in Dubai. There is a Shree Krishna Haveli, also known as Krishna Temple, made in 1958 on the land offered by the HH Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

However, Krishna Haveli does not have the common appearance of a temple but rather looks like a building from the outside.

There’s a story behind its existence in Dubai.

History of Shri Krishna Haveli

shreenath ji

Two Vaishnav merchants- Shri Chandumal Jethanand Whabi and Shri Jethanand Lalchand Pancholia are the men behind this temple’s construction.

They were thathai Bhatias-a part of the Rajput clan settled in Dubai due to trade purposes during the 18th century.

Later they became Pushtimargis and devoted themselves to the seva of Shreenathji ( the 7-year-old- child form of Krishna).

Both the merchants had their own version of Krishna at their haveli and people used to visit their houses daily to worship Thakurji.

Seeing this, they set up a worship place in a store room which later known to the world as Shrinathji Haveli.

The Dhamanmal Issardas family took custody of the Haveli during the 1940s and doing seva of Thakurji here since then.

Daily mangla arti to even sandhya arti, holika pradipan, and celebrations are performed with full devotion.

How to Visit Krishna Temple in Dubai?

It is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Dubai and thus one must definitely visit and get blessings from Krishna.

Temple is only 0.57 km away from the Al Ras metro station.

Take a taxi or cab to the temple’s address, 51a 5b St, Al Fahidi.

2. Sai Baba Temple

sai baba temple

In Dubai, Sai Baba resides in the Shiva Temple of Al Fahidi along with other Hindu deities.

You will start getting the spiritual vibes right from the streets to pathways leading to the temple.

Surroundings also give a glimpse of Hindu culture where you can find the small puja shops on the street.

Devotees can buy all the puja stuff from there and peacefully worship the Hindu Gods.

For souvenirs, one can purchase beautiful idols of God and their poshaks from nearby shops.

Address- 53 5b St - Al Fahidi

Timings- Temple opens at 6 AM and allows entry till 9 PM.

How to Reach?

Sai Baba mandir is on the same route to Shri Krishna Haveli. So, you can explore both places in Dubai at the same time.

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3. Grand Hindu Temple

dubai hindu temple

The worship village of Dubai got another religious site to show their respect for the huge Indian Diaspora living there.

The temple is spread across 70,000 square feet and has meticulous details on the pillars, walls, stairs, and doors.

Architects have also taken care of Vastu shastra in building the temple by keeping it east-facing.

Inside the temple is a big hall where idols of Lord Shiva, Parvati, Krishna, Radha, Ganesha, Shivlinga, Nandi, Lord Shri Ram, Hanuman Ji, and Sai Baba are established.

There is also a dedicated Gurudwara in the temple.


1. Two different entrances to the worship area

2. Shri yantra's representation on windows

3. Wheelchair accessible for disabled persons

4. A community hall to cater to more than 200 people

5. Shoe management, ablution area, and industrial kitchen

6. Several pillars representing symbols dedicated to the temples

The newly constructed temple is a symbol of a cultural blend of Hindus in Dubai. It also delivers a message of peace, harmony, and tolerance for the world.

Address- 24G7+Q78 - Jebel Ali Village

Timings- 6 AM to 8:30 PM

How to reach Jebel Ali?

Metros run frequently which makes commuting easy even for first-time tourists.

Your destination-Jebel Ali- is only after the 3 stops from the UAE Exchange station on the red line.

If you are coming from the green line then change to Burjuman and stop at the 16th station which is Jebel Ali.

For ease, check the metro map of Dubai.

4. Shiva Temple

shiva temple dubai

While visiting the Dubai Museum, do not forget to see the most famous Lord Shiva temple.  

It is next to the museum and is also popular among Hindus living in Bur Dubai.

During the festivities, the temple complex is jam-packed with devotees who wish to see a glimpse of Shiva.

However, paintings and posters of other deities are also inside the complex.

Address- Ali Bin Abi Taleb St - Al Fahidi

Timings- Tourists can go either in the morning time between 6 AM and 12 PM or in the evening time i.e. 5 PM to 9 PM

How to reach- Take a short walk from the Dubai spice Souk to reach the Shiva temple

5. Jain Temple

jain temple in dubai

Locally called Derasar, the Jain Temple in Dubai is one of the famous attractions among tourists and devotees.

It is because of the beautiful architecture of the temple.

There are also idols of the 25th, 13th, and fifth tirthankar inside the complex along with Padmavati Mata moorti.

Address-  6th Floor, 65, Al Musalla Towers Bur Dubai

Timings- 6:45 AM to 9:30 PM

How to reach- Temple is at walkable distance from Al Fahidi metro station

6. Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple

Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple

Not just Hindu and Jainism, Dubai is taking care of people of every religion.

The Mahamevnawa monastery in Jumeirah is a busy place for the burgeoning population of Buddhist people.

For tourists, it is a peaceful place to visit in Dubai where they can feel closer to that divine energy.

The atmosphere is very calm and put your mind at peace no matter how stressed you are.

Monks robed in traditional clothes, the fragrance of incense sticks, and the statue of Lord Buddha give the feeling of acceptance in a foreign land.

Address- 51 Street, 8 A Street, Villa No: 03

Timings- 8 AM to 3 PM

Dubai is truly becoming a global platform by accepting people of different religions and cultures and providing a peaceful place for them to live and practice what they believe.

These beautiful temples in Dubai are the greatest example of it.

So, if you ever get a chance to go there do not miss these places.

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