Woman Sets Her Boyfriend’s Home on Fire And The Reason Will Shock You

Woman Sets Her Boyfriend’s Home on Fire And The Reason Will Shock You
Woman sets her boyfriend’s home on fire

A shocking incident took place in Texas where a woman set her boyfriend’s house on fire and she even face-timed him after setting the house on fire.

Senadia Marie Soto, a 23-year-old woman called her boyfriend and some other woman picked up the call. She didn’t even give it a second thought and got carried away by the rage of anger.

After which, what she did was not only shocking but was unfair too.

What's The Whole Incident?

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The incident happened on November 20 when Soto and her boyfriend were talking on the call. She heard a female voice from the other side who was actually his relative.

Soto did not even ask him about the girl and thought he was cheating on her. Out of anger, she then trespassed into her boyfriend’s house at midnight 2 AM and stole some items from his house. Soto then set the house on fire.

Police said Soto even face-timed her boyfriend after initiating the fire and said “I hope your things are going to be ok” and ended the call.

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Soto first set up a fire on the couch that got intensified and slowly the whole property was set on fire.

The fire caused $50,000 worth of damage to the property. However, she was arrested the other day around 2:30 PM. Soto was arrested for burglary habitation and arson and the penalty to be charged is $165,000.

This incident is a pure case of insecurity in a relationship that made Soto attempt such a ferocious crime. But the netizens find the news funny. 

A user commented," Wanna date a Latina? You better be ready for some fire." Another user called her psycho. 

What do you think? Soto did the right thing or was this incident unfair to her boyfriend?

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