The Future of Metaverse and How it Can Impact the World

The Future of Metaverse and How it Can Impact the World
Future of Metaverse

When we start to think about Metaverse; the first thing that clicks in our mind is the name of Mark Zukerberg who recently shifted to this new technology and announced a new name for his most popular brand Facebook as Meta in October 2021.

Now why did this sudden change happen and what this Meta is all about?  Let’s know about this ever-evolving technology and its future which is attracting the Billionaires of the 21st century.  

Origin Of Metaverse

If you are the one who loves to read and watch science fiction then you must have heard about an American Science Fiction author Neal Stephenson. In 1992 for the first time, he introduced the word Metaverse in his novel named Snow Crash, where one might escape from a dystopian world to have some sense of relief.  Over the last three decades with the evolution of Artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the Metaverse is providing us a chance to get into another virtual world. According to Microsoft ‘it is a new version of the internet’.

So in general Metaverse is a completely digital environment and has a lot of potentials to strengthen the future economy.

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Impact of Metaverse In Future

There is nothing wrong in saying that the future of Metaverse is already here. Whether it is online gaming platforms, Content creation by using 3D technology, animations, digital Avatars, Cryptocurrency, and the concept of BlockChain; these all are examples of the existence of this technology. 

As we know every coin has two sides, so here is Metaverse too.

Positive Impact of Metaverse

When we talk about its positive impacts it has started to save traveling time as most of the business and political conferences have been shifted to virtual modes. Most of the online gaming tournaments have started virtually, generating endless business possibilities in the Global gaming industry.

Negative Impact of Metaverse

When we talk about its negative impacts, the adoption of this other universe can badly impact our environment.  As it is a cloud service-based technology, its operation needs a tremendous amount of energy. As per the study of the University of Massachusetts, training a single AI model can generate around 626,000 pounds of CO2, which is more than 5 times the lifetime output of an average automobile. Another negative impact it may create on Human Psychology.  He may become less interactive physically, less active mentally, and more dependent on technology virtually.

In short, more dependency on technology, on one hand, may ease our work culture and provide us lots of opportunities but on the other hand, makes us less active and addicted to it.

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