The Most Bizarre Marriages Around the World (Must Check No.5)

The Most Bizarre Marriages Around the World (Must Check No.5)
The Most Bizarre Marriages Around the World (Must Check No.5)

How much do you love your Smartphone or car? You must say you cannot leave them even for a single minute but, can you marry these objects? What kind of question is this, you might wonder. Well not after knowing about these weirdoes who have married their favorite objects, some have even tied knots with animals.

Yes! This world is full of stories of most bizarre marriages where people married either because of objectum sexuality or frustration. Here are all those shocking stories.

The World's Most Bizarre Marriages Which Will Make You Say WTF!

1. Man Married a Burrito

Of course, it’s delicious but not lucky enough to be your life partner, isn’t it? For this man from San Francisco, the burrito is his whole life. He loves this snack so much that he decided to marry it. He even had a wedding photo shoot before exchanging vows.

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2. British Artist Got a Paleolithic Partner

tracey emin wedding

Our list of most bizarre marriages got a famous personality from Britain. Artist Tracey Emin married a stone that she calls beautiful and monumental. Her idea of love is not limited to human beings; there are different kinds of love that exist.

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3. This Japanese Man‘s Wife Doesn’t Even Exist

japan man marry hologram

Till now, we have met people who married objects that at least exist in their physical form. But, Akikhiko Kondo from Japan chose someone who doesn’t even exist.

His fictional wife is a character from video games, Hatsune Miku, with whom he fell in love. Kondo said Miku helped him overcome depression. They got married with the support of a software named Gatebox in 2019. But, due to a technical glitch, Kondo could not meet his wife.

4. This Man Got a Smartest Partner

Aaron Chervenak, a man from LA, fell in love with a smartphone that he considers a female. According to this artist director, using a case on the smartphone is an insult and his relationship with the device is deepest and most honest. Aaron also posted a video of his wedding ceremony at the Little Vegas Chapel on YouTube.

5. Don’t Mess With the Partner of this Indian Lady

most bizarre marriages

One should never marry a toxic person but what if you fell in love with someone who is known for the poison. Yes, we are talking about snakes and Bimbala Das, a woman from Orissa, married a cobra.

Her love story is as strange as her partner. Bombala fell ill but had no money for treatment so she was suggested to offer milk to the snake to get cured. And she was surprised by the fact that cobra never harmed her. She fell for him and decided to marry him.

Bimbala, her family, and the villagers are happy about their wedding and even organized a feast for the celebration.

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6. Married, Divorced, and Cheated

kazakhstan bodybuilder married a doll

It’s totally unbelievable that these people actually married objects out of their fantasy or loneliness. But, the weirdest of all love stories is of Kazakhastan’s Yurii Tolochko who is a bodybuilder by profession.

In 2020, he fell passionately in love with a sex doll named Margo after eight months of dating her. That’s not it! Yurii even cheated on her with another object and divorced Margo. Yurii is now planning to marry an ashtray. 

7. The Many Marriages of Eiffel

woman married eiffel tower

A woman named Erika Eiffel is very famous for her love for different objects and marriage with them. Her objectum sexuality came into the limelight when she married the Eiffel Tower. Even a documentary is made on her and she appeared on Good Morning America and even Tyra banks show where she discussed the same.

Her previous relationships were with the Japanese sword, the crane, a fighter jet, and an archery bow.

8. Married a Truck

woman married truck

Out of frustration for not being aroused by men, a girl from California found her love in a truck. She married the four-wheeler on Valentine's day and claim her sex life is amazing. Can you believe it?

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9. Rice Cooker is Love

man marries rice cooker

Many men think the right partner is one who can cook well, an Indonesian man tied the knot to a rice cooker going by this belief. In his wedding post, he shared the reason too saying the rice cooker is fair, obedient, and cooks well. But, he quickly realized that it was not a perfect partner and divorce the rice cooker after 4 days. Indeed bizarre and worth laughing at.

10. A 4-leg Partner

There is an age-old tradition or superstition in India that marrying a dog can ward off an evil spell. But, a lady from Britain got married to a golden retriever on the This Morning show because of frustration. Hoad went on at least 200 dates but did not find the right partner, so she married her 4-leg friend, Logan.

girl marry herself

If these marriages seem bizarre to you, then what would you say about Kshama Bindu, an Indian girl, who is set to marry herself. The girl hails from Gujarat and is said to have India's first sologamy. 

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