These Brands Secretly Gave Best One Liners to Impress Your Crush

These Brands Secretly Gave Best One Liners to Impress Your Crush
These Brands Secretly Gave Best One Liners to Impress Your Crush

So, you are about to go on a date with your crush or your long-time bestie with whom you always wanted to express your love. It's very important you come up with the best one-liners to impress her because gifts will not last long, but she will remember that proposal forever.

We’ve got the best idea for you, try the taglines of these famous brands and see the magic. From LinkedIn, Phillips, to Coco-Cola, these brands have secretly given the best one-liners.

If you are an introvert and want to say too much in less, these will work best for you.

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines Are Outdated! Try These Brands Taglines to Impress Her

01. Cartier- The Art of Being Unique

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If you believe Meri wali alag hai, you should definitely use this tagline by the famous French jewelry and watchmaking company ‘Cartier’. Just say, you are Cartier because you know the art of being unique.

You can even buy a nice bracelet for her. (Depends on your budget)

02. Cisco- The Bridge to Possible

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Just like Cisco, which bridges the gap between companies and consumers by connecting them through their networking services, a good partner helps you make things possible.

So, if your partner has this quality, you must tell her- Let's be like Cisco and bridge the gaps to make our relationship possible.

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03. Coca-Cola- Open Happiness

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A partner is like an explorer who reaches the deepest of hearts and open door to happiness. This is a perfect best one-liner to let her know what she is your coca-cola.

04. Disney- The Happiest Place on Earth

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Disney has the best pick-up line for your partner and if you feel comfortable and happy with them, just say- You are my Disney, the happiest place on my Earth.

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05. Gillette- The Best a Man Can Get

A loving, caring, and understanding woman is the best a man can get, isn’t it?

06. L’Oreal Paris- Because You’re Worth It

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This tagline itself says why she is with you and why you are giving all your time to her. And if she also knows the tagline of this famous brand, she can easily decode your secret message.

You can either say this best one-liner or gift her perfume, makeup product, and skin or hair care product by Loreal.  

07. Visa- Everywhere You Want to Be

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One of the best one-liners that can instantly win your crush’s heart is this- “I will be your Visa, will take you everywhere you want to be.” Well, if you can afford her.

08. Philips- Innovation and You

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If she asks what you like, you should reply with Philips even if you don’t use its products. The company has a wonderful tagline that secretly expresses your feeling for her.

And like Mastercard believes “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else there’s Mastercard,” heart cannot be won by money. So, use these best one-liners inspired by the top brands of the industry and express everything without saying anything.





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