These Two Essential Oils Are Best For Hair Growth

These Two Essential Oils Are Best For Hair Growth

Most of us face the problem of hair damage. Hair damage occurs when the hair structure changes, making hair unhealthy and causing dryness as well as causing hair breakage or thinning. This is due to not washing hair properly, using heating tools, making tight hairstyles, and or chemical treatment.

However, if you use some natural ingredients, you can prevent damage to your hair and repair damaged hair. These ingredients give the necessary nutrition to your hair and heal them. 

Marula is an African nut containing a very good amount of oleic acid which makes it best for hair health. Intense hydrating and moisturizing for Marula Carrier Oil scalp and ends. Its occlusive properties prevent hair loss and hair tangling. 

Marula Oil

Marula oil also contains antioxidants that help in repairing damaged hair. It strengthens hair follicles and enhances shine in your ends. This oil helps balance the scalp's natural oils and protects the hair from repeated heat and free radical damage.


Argan oil is also popularly known as 'liquid gold'. It is light oil and contains many nutrients. This oil can also be used as hair oil or live-in conditioner. The antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E present in it increase the elasticity of the hair, making the ends soft.

This oil can help increase the shine in your hair. If you have curly hair then this is the best option for them. It also makes the hair healthy again by reducing the problem of dry and damaged hair.

So, now when you go out in the search of the best oil for effective hair growth, must buy these oils as they are best and easily accesible in the market.

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