Things You Didn't Know About Aamir Khan

Things You Didn't Know About Aamir Khan

Today every one is aware of Aamir Khan, he is the perfectionist of bollywood. In last around 30 years he did some of the amazing work. Mr. Perfectionist started working as child actor in bollywood. But his big break through was in “Qayamat se Qayamat tak” in 1988.


  1. With brother:

Faisal Khan who shared screen with him in “Mela”, accused him for giving forcefully wrong medicine and keeping him locked in house. The accusation turned into serious court case, where the court transferred the custody to his father but their father handed Faisal’s custody back to him.

  1. Differences with Shah Rukh Khan:

This is not a surprise that Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh khan never worked together, but did you know? Aamir Khan named his dog as Shah Rukh Khan. He apologized to him later by visiting his house “Mannat”

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  1. Leaving India:

Mr. Perfectionist got in trouble when he said, “Indians are Intolerant”, and got trolled on social media for this. Many people said to leave him and anti- national. Not only that he was removed from “Incredible India” Campaign.

  1. Relationship with Jessica Hines:

Aamir got into trouble when rumors started that he has illegitimate child with British journalist. It is said that they came close on the sets of Ghulam and lived together got a while but soon things got ugly, Aamir forced her to abort the child. But she left for London and gave birth to a baby boy. The pictures of boy got viral but neither Jessica nor Aamir accepted it.

  1. Cold War with Big B:

Amitabh Bachchan is a idol for many actors but Aamir Khan started a cold war by commenting on his award winning movie “Black”. Big B gave him taste of his own medicine.

Unknown Facts about Aamir:

It is not surprise that Aamir tries to give his best in every performance. He is one of the most devoted actor of Indian Cinema. Here are his some new unknown fact about him:

  1. Debut Film:

Aamir debut as a child actor in famous fil “Yaadon ki Baarat” in 1973. Later he also worked as a child actor in some films.

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  1. Film background:

Aamir khan’s father had a production house named as “Madhosh”, but it didn’t succeed. He worked as a child actor under his production house.

  1. Ghulam - Best Scene:


Mr. Perfectionist’s film Ghulam won the best scene in Filmfare Awards but he didn’t accepted it. The scene was filmed at railway station, in which he crosses the railway tracks and missed the train by 1.3 seconds.

  1. Madame Tussauds:

He is the only actor who declined Madame Tussauds invitation.

  1. Dunk and shoot:

He showed is perfection in every film, but he had been drunk in many scenes according to script demands. In Raja Hindustani hr actually drunk 1 liter vodka for the song “Tere Ishq mein Naachenge” and in 3 idiots film which leads to many retake.

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