This Home-Made Serum Is What You need This Winter

This Home-Made Serum Is What You need This Winter

With all the ways we've been hustling, getting enough sleep is at the back of our minds right now. But we're facing the after-effects of it with undereye bags and unflattering dark circles forming around our eyes. While we do feel tired, looking tired just isn't an option on most workdays!

While coffee is a major ingredient that helps in keeping us up until wee hours, it is also the ingredient that promises to help deal with dark circles! This DIY caffeine eye serum is what you should be inching towards at the first signs of dark marks under your eyes.


  • 2 spoons ground coffee (make sure it is freshly ground)
  • Oil of your choice
  • A dropper bottle
  • A fine strainer


  • In a glass jar, add the coffee grounds, To this add half a cup of your oil and mix well.
  • Let this sit for a week or so.
  • Once it mixed well, using a strainer get rid of the coffee grounds.
  • Store the liquid in the dropper bottle away from sunlight and excess heat.

Every night, before heading to bed, massage your eyes with a drop or two of this serum, after cleansing your face. Practice this regularly for a week to see the wonderful effects and your circles and puffiness receding!

How do you manage your dark circles and heavy eye bags? Comment below and let us know.

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