This Is The Estimated Earning Of Salman Khan Till 2022, Find Out

This Is The Estimated Earning Of Salman Khan Till 2022, Find Out

Salman Khan is a leading actor of Indian cinema. He has a massive fan following in India as well as in abroad specially in Arabic areas. He is not just an actor, but also a painter, singer, producer and writer.His last movie “Antim”, collected approximately 59 crore at the box office. Here is the information about his net worth and properties:

Net worth:

Salman is one of the top paid actors, and highest paid host of Indian Television. He hosted “bigg boss”, one of the popular reality show with various television endorsement. The net worth of Dabangg actor is “$310 million”, I.e. INR 2255 crore. His salary is approximately 196 crore plus, monthly he makes 16 crore approximately. Where as this year he became highest paid host of television by getting paid 25 crore per day for reality show bigg boss. The last five years net worth of Salman Khan is:

  • 2016- $195 million
  • 2017- $216 million
  • 2018- $270 million
  • 2019- $310 million
  • 2020- $340 million

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According to report he is going to increase his income in the coming years because of his fan following in Arabic countries.


Salman Khan owns many luxurious properties, he is one of the richest actor of India. Some of his the most popular properties are:

  1. Galaxy : The building situated at Bandra, Mumbai. He lives with his family in the house with 180 ft sq bedroom. People gather in front of Galaxy just for his single glimpse. The building is worth nearly 100 crore.
  2. Panvel Farmhouse: It is worth nearly 80 crore, with 5 bungalows, gym and 5 horses. The total area of the farm house is 150 acre. The actor like to spend his time here with his horses. This house is like a second home to him.
  3. Gorai Beach Home: The actor purchased this property on his 51th birthday with the value of 100 crore. The house is filled with all the luxuries including gym, movie theatre.

Besides these properties the actor own other property also.

Cars and Bikes:

Salman Khan is very popular for his bike rides, he is very big fan of luxurious cars. And that shows in his car and bike collection:

Cars :

  1. Audi RS5 worth 3 crore
  2. Audi A6 worth 60 lakh
  3. Audi Q7 worth 80 lakh
  4. BMW 7 series worth crore
  5. BMW 5 series worth 60 lakh
  6. BMW M4 worth 2 crore
  7. BMW X6 worth 80 lakh
  8. Range Rover sports worth 60 lakh
  9. Range Land Rover 1 crore
  10. Range Rover Evoque 70 lakhs
  11. Lamborghini Urus 5 crore
  12. Lamborghini Aventador 6 crore
  13. Mercedes Benz S Class 80 lakh
  14. Mercedes Benz C Class 50 lakh
  15. Mercedes G Wagon 2 crore

Besides these car he owns Lexus LS, Porsche Cayenne, Toyota Land Cursier, Jaguar.

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Salman Khan has been in news for his bike rides. So is his Bikes collection. He owns Suzuki Hayabusa worth 15 lakh, Inteuder worth 10 lakhs, Yamaha R1 worth 15 lakhs, Kawasaki Ninja H2R worth 30 lakhs, Royal Enfield Bullet 500 worth 3 lakh.


Besides his expensive cars and luxurious properties, the actor also own two production houses, SKBH( Salman Khan Being Human Production) in 2011 and Salman Khan Films in 2014. He also endorseone of the leading compnies like, Goldiee Masale, Revital, Relaxo, Dixcy Scott, Realme, Bharat Pe and many more. He also own the a brand name “Being Human” which is also his foundation name.  

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