Tips For Speaking English Confidently

Tips For Speaking English Confidently

Language is a medium of conversation and as long as you are able to get your thoughts across, language shouldn’t be a barrier. However, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

It works as a great medium in bridging the language barrier. Knowing English and speaking it fluently is very important in the modern era. This language is used in every field hence you need to be fluent in it.

Good command of English helps you grow in life and career. So here are few easy steps that you can take to gain confidence while speaking in English. 

1. Make Mistakes

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes while speaking in English. Initially, you will fumble and stutter, and that is all a part of learning.

Make sure that you surround yourself with people who encourage you. This way you will be less conscious while making mistakes. It will help you in gaining confidence

2. Be Patient

English is not our mother tongue, so it’s okay if you cannot speak it fluently. Do not admonish yourself for not being perfect. It’s a foreign language and it’s okay for you to take time in getting comfortable with it. 

3. Learn Specific Phrases

Learning specific phrases is a great way to start incorporating English into your daily life. Learn small phrases that you can use in daily conversations with ease.

Something like ‘It’s a lovely day, or ‘I prefer coffee over tea’ is a small step towards being fluent. 

4. Learn To Greet Properly

Learning small sentences to greet others will make you confident about speaking in public. Simple sentences like ‘How are you doing today?’, or ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you’ will make you comfortable speaking in English. 

5. Use Simple Sentences

Initially, it’s better to steer away from complex words and sentences. Use simple sentences with fewer words and don’t be afraid in taking the help of your mother tongue if the need arises. 

6. Work On Your Pronunciation

Pronunciation of English words is quite notorious. But you should make a habit of checking the pronunciation and then practicing it whenever you come across a new word.

There is a chance that you will remember some of those pronunciations

7. Practice With Friends And Family

It is important to regularly practice speaking in English with your family and friends. It allows you to make mistakes without any worry. It also lessens the hesitation that you have for the language. 

8. Read Out Aloud And Record Yourself

One of the best ways to better your speech is through self-evaluation. Practice reading daily and record yourself. Listen to those recording and figure out where you can improve. It will make your speech clear and confident. 

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9. Learn New Words

Learning new words is very important to expand your English vocabulary. Maintain a word diary or simply take out 10 minutes every day to dedicatedly learn new English words.

There are various websites online that can help you. 

10. Read Newspaper

Reading the newspaper will not only keep you up-to-date but will also improve your English. Whenever there is breaking news, certain terms are used over and over again. There is a good chance that you will grasp these words and will never forget them.

Newspaper is also a source of good vocabulary. So if you want to take your English game from average to high, read the newspaper. 

11. Watch English Movies With Subtitles

One of the easiest ways to get familiar with the English language. Watching English movies with their subtitles will help you in learning new words, expressions and distinct accents. When you are familiar with the language it becomes easy for you to speak in it too. 

English is not a compulsion but it is increasingly becoming a necessity in urban India. Hope these tips help you in becoming more confident while speaking English. 


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