Tips to Improve Poor Blood Circulation in Your Body

Tips to Improve Poor Blood Circulation in Your Body
Tips to Improve Poor Blood Circulation in Your Body

Our Bodies hold about 60,000 miles of blood vessels. Connected to the heart, these vessels build up our circulatory system and carry blood throughout the body. But when our blood circulation gets poor, the organs of our body get slow either. So, proper blood circulation is very important in maintaining overall health. Don’t worry, you only need to follow some tips to improve your blood circulation.

The problem of blood circulation is mainly recognised in older adults. But in some conditions, it can also evolve in younger too. Diabetes, obesity, peripheral artery disease (PAD) are some of the main causes of poor blood circulation.

6 Tips to Improve Blood Circulation

1. Daily Cardiovascular Exercise

Tips to Improve Blood Circulation

Cardiovascular exercises such as running, cycling, swimming and walking are the best way to boost your blood circulation. Adding them to your daily routine will get you rid of many irregularities in the body.

It is highly recommended by doctors to engage in moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day.

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2. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Tips to Improve Blood Circulation

The proper intake of fruits and vegetables will also affect blood circulation in our body. You may include foods that are high in nitric oxide in your diet. For Example, leafy green vegetables, beets, carrots, broccoli, citrus fruits, watermelon, etc. These food items may help in increasing blood flow.

3. Stay Hydrated

Tips to Improve Blood Circulation

Half of the blood in our body is water, so staying hydrated is the most important factor that counts. Your blood circulation decreases when you are dehydrated. It will also retain the amount of sodium that creates difficulty for the circulatory system to perform its thing.

You can identify your hydration by checking your pee’s colour. If it is transparent then it means you’re hydrated.

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4. Wear Compression Socks and Elevate Your Legs

Wear Compression Socks and Elevate Your Legs

Wearing compressing socks add a supporting layer to support your veins. So, elevate your legs for at least 30 minutes at night after wearing these socks. It will increase the blood flow in the upper part of your body. It can also help reduce swelling and benefit during pregnancy.

You can buy these socks from any medical shop or even online.

5. Drink Black or Green Tea

Girl Drinking Green Tea

The antioxidants in black and green tea will increase the width of the blood vessels. Through this, our body can pump blood more easily. They will also decrease blood vessel inflammation. So, drink a cup of black or green tea per day.

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6. Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

If you smoke regularly, then quit. Because smoking can inhibit blood flow, cause plaque to accumulate in the veins and can destroy your blood vessel walls. It can also cause swelling in the feet and ankles. If you find it difficult to quit, there are some medications are available by the doctors.

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